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Law enforcement services in The Netherlands are managed by the Minister of Security and Justice. 

Reorganized into one single national police force in January 2013, the new National Police of the Netherlands, called ‘Politie’ in Dutch, is made up of 10 regional units, a Central Unit for specialist police activities and a Police Service Centre for all business operations. The new structure is characterized by strong cooperation within one organization, performed seamlessly at three policing levels: local, regional and national.

Force Command

The Force Command, which has a headquarters function, develops policy and makes strategic decisions at national level. Composed of the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and the Chief Information Officer, the Force Command is supported by the Commissioner's Staff.

Central Unit

Whilst each regional unit is operationally self-sufficient, the National Police includes one central unit which performs both independent and support tasks. Headed by a Chief Constable, the Central Unit is responsible for cross-regional and specialist police activities, including forensic investigations, canine and equestrian units and helicopter police.

Operational divisions of the Central Unit include:

  • Central Operations Division: coordination, monitoring and steering of national police operations;
  • Central Criminal Investigations Division: serious organized crime, sex crimes committed against children, environmental crime, terrorism and high-tech crime;
  • Central Operational Cooperation Division: operational support and sophisticated technological services for covert activities. Includes the National Forensic Service Centre;
  • Central Infrastructure Division: safety and crime fighting along the main transport arteries and hubs in The Netherlands;
  • Central Security and Protection Division: protection of individuals, objects and services at national, regional, and local levels. Works closely with the National Coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism and the Public Prosecution Service;
  • Special Interventions Division: serious violence and terrorism;
  • Central Intelligence Division: coordination of law enforcement information in the Netherlands and its exchange at international level. INTERPOL The Hague is part of the Central Intelligence Division.

Regional Units

Headed by a Chief Constable, each of the 10 regional units is responsible for police activities in that region. Each unit includes:

  • Regional Operations Division: the link between the regional police organization and the activities of the police on the ground;
  • Regional Criminal Investigations Division: investigation of criminal groups and serious crime;
  • Regional Intelligence Division: provides the Regional Unit with up-to-date information in the form of threat assessments and advice;
  • Regional Operational Cooperation Division: conflict and crisis management, this division also functions as a service centre for calls from the public.

Each regional unit is geographically sub-divided into a number of police districts made up of precincts, referred to as ‘Robust Frontline Teams’, which serve the municipality or several small municipalities. The districts are the link between the regional level of the unit and the local level at which the frontline teams operate. All districts have a Criminal Investigations Team, an Intelligence Centre and a Flex Team.  District Flex Teams can provide temporary additional human resources to help frontline teams address specific events.  Their core task is to support problem-driven responses, both in public order and in criminal investigation.

Independent law enforcement bodies

In addition to the National Police, other independent national law enforcement bodies include:

  • The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee;
  • Customs;
  • The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service;
  • The Social Intelligence and Investigation Service;
  • Intelligence and Investigation Service of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate;
  • Intelligence and Investigation Service of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority .


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for The Netherlands works with all INTERPOL member countries, linking their investigations to Dutch law enforcement bodies and the public prosecution services. It helps INTERPOL NCBs worldwide to carry out investigations involving The Netherlands or Dutch nationals abroad.

The NCB, called the INTERPOL Desk as part of the Central Intelligence Division, operates as the national point of contact for domestic law enforcement agencies requiring help in international investigations.

It is made up of 12 people whose task is the swift and efficient exchange of sensitive information within the INTERPOL community, using INTERPOL’s secure global police network, I-24/7.

INTERPOL The Hague in action
30 septiembre 2015

Europol-INTERPOL cybercrime conference paves the way for proactive policing of cyberspace

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – Strengthening prevention, information exchange and capacity building in the face of the growing professionalization of cybercrime are among the key areas of discussion for the 3rd Europol-INTERPOL cybercrime conference.Bringing together more than 350 cyberspecialists from law enforcement, the private sector and academia from 6...
21 septiembre 2015

Joint INTERPOL-IOC training sharpens investigation skills for competition manipulation allegations

ARNHEM, The Netherlands – INTERPOL and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have held the first three-day Fact Finders Training workshop to develop internal investigation skills concerning competition manipulation allegations.Designed for individuals tasked with investigating allegations, suspicions or reports of the manipulation of a sports competit...
09 julio 2015

Border security focus of visit to INTERPOL by Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

LYON, France – Meeting the future challenges of border security with ever-increasing numbers of international travellers was the focus of discussions between Hans Leijtens, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM) and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock.The Netherlands’ recent expansion of access to INTERPOL’s Stolen and Lost Travel Docu...
16 abril 2015

La ciberseguridad requiere coordinación e innovación, afirma la Presidenta de INTERPOL en una conferencia especializada

LA HAYA (Países Bajos) – En su intervención en la Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS 2015), la Presidenta de INTERPOL, Mireille Ballestrazzi, declaró que la creciente amenaza de la ciberdelincuencia requiere soluciones mundiales, coordinadas e innovadoras.En el discurso pronunciado en esta conferencia de dos días (16 y 17 de abril) celebrada en La Haya...
13 abril 2015

INTERPOL coordina una operación mundial para desarticular la botnet Simda

SINGAPUR –La red de ordenadores robots o botnet Simda, que según se cree ha infectado más de 770 000 ordenadores en todo el mundo, ha sido el objetivo de una operación internacional coordinada desde el Centro Mundial de INTERPOL para la Innovación (CMII), sito en Singapur. En el marco de una serie de actuaciones realizadas simultáneamente en distintos l...
23 julio 2014

La identificación de las víctimas del vuelo MH 17 mediante los protocolos de INTERPOL prosigue en los Países Bajos

LYON (Francia) – INTERPOL se dispone a enviar a los Países Bajos a un segundo equipo de gestión de crisis que contribuirá a la labor internacional de identificación de las 298 víctimas del vuelo MH 17 de Malaysia Airlines.  Los Países Bajos se habían ofrecido para proveer instalaciones seguras y equipadas, por lo que tras un primer reconocimiento de...
25 marzo 2014

La Cumbre sobre Seguridad Nuclear pide un mayor intercambio de información con INTERPOL

LA HAYA (Países Bajos) ‒ El Secretario General de INTERPOL, Ronald Noble, declaró en la Cumbre sobre Seguridad Mundial de 2014 que es necesario mejorar el intercambio de información para subsanar las importantes deficiencias existentes en la preparación internacional frente a los factores que amenazan la seguridad nuclear.Noble aseguró que, tras el compro...

Digitize the crime scene: fiction becomes reality (CSI The Hague)

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