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Ex República Yugoslava de Macedonia


Law enforcement in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is the responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Headquartered in Skopje and headed by a Government-appointed Director for a four-year mandate, the Ministry’s Bureau for Public Security runs the national police force. It is responsible for:

  • Protecting the freedom and rights of its citizens;
  • Ensuring law and order;
  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime;
  • Regulating and controlling traffic;
  • Controlling migration and residence of foreigners;
  • Providing state border security and crossing control;


The National Central Bureau (NCB) for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is made up of more than 10 staff and structured around the following crime areas:

  • Public safety and terrorism;
  • Organized crime;
  • Drugs and weapons;
  • Financial and high-tech crime,
  • Trafficking in human beings;
  • Stolen motor vehicles;
  • Fugitives.

To strengthen national security, INTERPOL Skopje has arranged for the Organized Crime Department (OCD) to have direct access to INTERPOL's range of criminal databases (the OCD comprises several units, including financial crime, violent crime, trafficking in human beings, drugs and weapons, forensics).  Access has also been granted to regional sections that deal with migration issues, and to national border crossing points.   There are plans to continue expanding access to INTERPOL databases to law enforcement units across the country.

INTERPOL Skopje in action
19 septiembre 2014

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia renews commitment to global security

LYON, France – During a visit to INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters, Head of Police and Director of Public Security of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mitko Chavkov, underlined his country’s commitment to international police cooperation.Meeting with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, Mr Chavkov was updated on the latest globa...
30 diciembre 2013

Se decomisan artículos falsificados por valor de casi 1 millón de USD en una operación coordinada por INTERPOL

LYON (Francia) – En una serie de intervenciones realizadas en toda Europa Oriental, en el marco de la operación WHITE MERCURY de INTERPOL, se han decomisado artículos falsificados valorados en cerca de 1 millón de USD.La operación, en la que participaron siete países –Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croacia, la Ex República Yugoslava de Macedonia,...
29 julio 2011

La primera visita del Secretario General de INTERPOL a Skopie pone de relieve la cooperación policial internacional

SKOPIE – En su primera misión oficial a la Ex República Yugoslava de Macedonia, el Secretario General de INTERPOL, Ronald Noble, se entrevistó con altos mandatarios del gobierno y de la policía a fin de manifestar su agradecimiento por la contribución de este país a la cooperación policial mundial. En esta visita de dos días de duración, además de los enc...
01 abril 2010

INTERPOL supported operation targeting organized crime in South East Europe leads to heroin seizure and arrests

The first joint operation co-ordinated under INTERPOL project BESA targeting organized crime groups in South East Europe has resulted in the arrest of five men and the seizure of more than six kilos of heroin by police in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.The arrests in Strumica on Saturday 27 March follow close co-operation between police in the...

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