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The Slovenian National Police (SNP) is part of the Ministry of the Interior, and is made up of eight police directorates which control 111 police stations throughout the country.

In Slovenia, the police operate at three different levels:

  • General Police Directorate (state);
  • Police Directorates (regional);
  • Police Stations (local).

Headed by a Director General who is appointed by the Slovenian government, the SNP has the mandate to;

  • Protect people and property;
  • Prevent and investigate crime, arrest criminals and their accomplices;
  • Maintain public order;
  • Control traffic;
  • Protect and control borders;
  • Ensure passport and immigration control.

The General Police Directorate – the police headquarters in Ljubljana – is made up of:

  • The Service of the Director General of the Police;
  • Police Specialities Directorate;
  • Uniformed Police Directorate;
  • Criminal Police Directorate;
  • National Forensic Laboratory;
  • Police Academy;
  • Information and Telecommunications Office.


International police cooperation activities are performed by the International Police Cooperation Division (IPCD) of Slovenia’s Criminal Police Directorate. It is the essential law enforcement platform for Slovenian police investigations which require co-operation with INTERPOL’s international police community. Slovenia’s INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) function is undertaken by the Criminal Police Directorate at the General Police Directorate (headquarters).

IPCD is made up of two units which provide a permanent 24-hour service:

  • International operations section which deals with  operational cases;
  • SIRENE section, responsible for queries about persons and objects.

In 2009, INTERPOL Ljubljana integrated INTERPOL's databases into the Slovenian police network, as part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activity in Slovenia. This means that police across the country have instant and automated access to INTERPOL’s global databases and can obtain critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents in just seconds. Now, all local police districts, and the police at each border crossing and international airport are connected to INTERPOL's databases 24 hours a day. With this new capacity, Slovenian police officers in the field can quickly determine if a person is a potential threat to national security.

INTERPOL Ljubljana in action
21 abril 2016

Incautación de armas y explosivos en una operación dirigida por INTERPOL

LYON (Francia) – Una operación dirigida por INTERPOL contra el tráfico ilícito de armas en los Balcanes Occidentales ha conducido a la detención de catorce personas y a la incautación de explosivos, armas y munición.La operación BALKAN TRIGGER se saldó con el decomiso de unas 40 armas, 6 kg de explosivos, 11 granadas de mano y 1 300 unidades de munición,...
20 abril 2016

Bringing key INTERPOL players to the forefront of international policing

Nothing illustrates the quality of a service more powerfully than the testimony of its users. With INTERPOL’s 12th annual Heads of National Central Bure...
17 diciembre 2010

Slovenian police chief's visit to INTERPOL highlights country's leadership in global police co-operation

LYON, France – Slovenia’s integration of INTERPOL’s database system into its national police structure is a model for law enforcement worldwide, the head of INTERPOL told the Director General of the Police of Slovenia, Mr Janko Gorsek, during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters on Thursday.Since streamlinin...
07 julio 2009

Desarticulado un importante grupo delictivo de origen albanés – Se detiene a 30 sospechosos

Tras una investigación de un año de duración, se ha desarticulado un importante grupo delictivo integrado por personas de origen albanés que se dedicaba al tráfico de heroína a gran escala desde los Balcanes a Europa. La operación, que contó con la colaboración de INTERPOL y Europol, fue coordinada por las autoridades italianas y eslovenas encargadas de l...
07 mayo 2009

Slovenia enhances policing capacity with nationwide automated access to essential INTERPOL databases

Slovenia has given frontline police instant and automated access to INTERPOL’s global databases, enabling law enforcement officers throughout the country to obtain data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents (SLTD) in just seconds.Frontline officersAs a key part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activi...
04 mayo 2008

Slovenian police capture escaped murderer subject of INTERPOL global alert

Police in Slovenia have captured a convicted murderer who escaped from prison on May 1 and who was the subject of an INTERPOL global alert.The INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Ljubljana confirmed that Janko Petrovic, who broke out from Dob prison where he was serving an 11 year sentence for murder, was arrested in the eastern town of Ajdovscina on the...
03 mayo 2008

INTERPOL publica un aviso a escala mundial sobre la evasión de un asesino en Eslovenia

Interpol ha publicado un aviso a escala mundial sobre un hombre declarado culpable de asesinato y considerado peligroso que se evadió de un centro penitenciario esloveno el día 1 de mayo.Tras la fuga de Janko Petrovic de la prisión de Dob, situada en las proximidades de Liubliana, la Oficina Central Nacional de Interpol en Eslovenia y el Centro de Mando...

  • 24th European Regional Conference - 1995 - Ljubljana

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