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Fiji Police Force



A recognised, well-respected, vibrant, resilient and responsive police force


To create a safe and secure Fiji in accordance with best practices, standards & technological innovation


  • Integrity - to be trustworthy, credible, courageous and honorable
  • Fairness  - working in a professional and impartial manner
  • Trust - Honest and respectful
  • Empathy - Understanding once feeling and emotions
  • Efficiency - Smart and competent responses

The Fiji Police provides the following law enforcement services throughout the Fiji Islands:

  • Law and order;
  • Peace preservation;
  • Prevention, detection and investigation of crime;
  • Protection of life and property.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Suva is part of the Fiji National Police Intelligence Bureau (Ministry of Defence, National Security, Disaster Management and Immigration).

The Head of NCB answers to the Commissioner of Police through the Intelligence Bureau Director. INTERPOL Suva is staffed by six Fiji Police Force officials who carry out operations in coordination with other national agencies.

The NCB is the exclusive platform for international investigations involving Fiji.

INTERPOL Suva in action
26 febrero 2014

Preventing match-fixing and corruption focus of INTERPOL-FIFA conference for Oceania region

NADI, Fiji – Raising awareness and understanding of the threat to football posed by match-fixing is the focus of an INTERPOL Integrity in Sport-FIFA conference co-hosted by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), the Fiji Football Association and the Fiji Police.The two-day meeting (26 and 27 February) brings together nearly 100 regional football admini...
09 julio 2013

La visita de Fiyi a INTERPOL se centra en la creciente amenaza de la ciberdelincuencia

LYON (Francia) –El Jefe de la Policía de Fiyi, el General de Brigada Ioane Naivalurua, visitó la sede de la Secretaría General de INTERPOL para debatir sobre las cuestiones relacionadas con la delincuencia  que afectan a la nación insular, y destacó la activa participación del país en la cooperación policial internacional.Acompañado por el Superinten...
27 febrero 2013

Fiji a leader in global police cooperation, says INTERPOL Chief

SUVA, Fiji – With Fiji the most active INTERPOL member country in the South Pacific region, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said the country set an example for effectively combating transnational crime.During his first-ever mission to Fiji, Secretary General Noble met with Minister of Defence Joketani Cokanasiga and Commissioner of Police Briga...
20 octubre 2011

Las técnicas de investigación del lugar de los hechos se ponen al alcance de la policía de Fiyi

SUVA (Fiyi) – La Subdirección de Apoyo Científico y Bases de Datos Técnicos de INTERPOL organizó un curso dirigido a la policía de Fiyi y centrado en la mejora del conocimiento de las técnicas de investigación del lugar de los hechos.El curso, de cinco días de duración, se impartió del 17 al 21 de octubre en la Academia de Policía de Fiyi, sita en Suva, y...