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Eritrea Police Force

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The Eritrean Police Force (EPF) is part of the country’s Police and Security Command which has its headquarters in the capital Asmara. 

EPF mission:

  • To enforce and uphold the law;
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • Control traffic.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Eritrea is located at the EPF headquarters, in close proximity to all other national law enforcement agencies. 

NCB Asmara is the national platform that allows domestic law enforcement agencies to take their investigations beyond the Eritrean borders and get investigative support and input from other INTERPOL member countries. The NCB’s responsibilities comprise:

  • Assisting domestic law enforcement agencies in finding international solutions to problems encountered during domestic investigations;
  • Working with all other INTERPOL member countries and the INTERPOL General Secretariat in the search, arrest and extradition of criminals;
  • Assisting INTERPOL member countries in investigations requiring data and intelligence from Eritrean police authorities;
  • Creating and developing policing tools and methodology to effectively analyse and prevent international crime;
  • Performing permanent research and analysis about organized crime, terrorism, drugs, money laundering, and keeping the INTERPOL community informed of results.

INTERPOL Asmara is staffed by four EPF officers. 

INTERPOL Asmara in action
01 septiembre 2014

INTERPOL Chief discusses regional security needs during Eritrea visit

ASMARA, Eritrea – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has travelled to Eritrea as part of the world police body’s efforts to support regional and international law enforcement cooperation.During his first official mission to the country, Secretary General Noble met with the Commander of National Police and Security Forces, Brigadier General Simon G...
08 agosto 2013

Los traficantes de personas, drogas y armas, objetivo de varias operaciones llevadas a cabo en África Oriental y Austral

KENIA/ZIMBABUE – Una operación llevada a cabo en África Oriental y Austral contra una serie de delitos transfronterizos ha permitido el rescate de víctimas de la trata de personas, el decomiso de drogas, armas y vehículos robados, y la confiscación de productos de contrabando, entre ellos marfil y diamantes.Esta operación, denominada USALAMA (“seguridad”)...

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