For your security

By using stolen travel documents, criminals are able to conceal their identities, move between borders and access key services in their attempt to carry out illegal activities and escape justice. Therefore enhanced measures to detect the illegal use of stolen travel documents are critical in global crime prevention.

I-Checkit helps detect criminals who use travel documents that have been reported as lost or stolen in order to access commercial services, such as booking an airline ticket, opening a bank account or registering at a hotel.

Working with the private sector

I-Checkit enables companies in the transport, banking and tourism industries to submit passport information for screening against INTERPOL’s database of stolen and lost travel documents.

A database match triggers an instant alert so the situation can be investigated. Notifications are sent to the INTERPOL General Secretariat, INTERPOL National Central Bureaus in the countries concerned, and other relevant national law enforcement entities.

In some cases, this highly secure screening process will alert security teams within companies to the fraudulent use of travel documents, without revealing any personal data.

I-Checkit implementation has begun in a small-scale testing phase, which will be followed by a controlled pilot phase involving an increasing number of private sector partners.

Boosting investigation capacities

With its real-time alert system, the I-Checkit screening solution will become an invaluable investigative and preventative tool.

I-Checkit will also give unprecedented insight into criminal activity that usually occurs beyond the reach of law enforcement bodies. This will enhance investigation capabilities on a global scale and even stop criminals before they carry out their activities.

Not only will this tool reduce the unlawful use of travel documents, but it will give the law enforcement community crucial information regarding other serious crimes that are hidden behind identity fraud.

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