01 septiembre 2015

INTERPOL Chief and Australian Minister for Justice discuss security issues

CANBERRA, Australia – Combating terrorism and the foreign terrorist fighter threat were high on the agenda in a meeting today between INTERPOL’s Secretary General and the Australian Minister for Justice in Canberra.

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31 agosto 2015

INTERPOL-coordinated EU project outlines roadmap against unregulated e-waste

LYON, France – A comprehensive two-year investigation into Europe’s used and waste electronics market has concluded that  illicitly traded or unregulated e-waste within the region represents some 10 times the quantity of undocumented e-waste exported from Europe.

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Delitos farmacológicos

Los delitos farmacológicos consisten en la fabricación, el comercio y la distribución de instrumental médico y fármacos falsos, robados o ilícitos. Estos productos suponen un grave peligro para la salud pública, ya que los medicamentos falsos pueden ser dañinos e incluso mortales. En INTERPOL trabajamos para desmantelar las redes de delincuenci...

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Delincuencia financiera

Financial crimes affect individuals, companies, organizations and even nations, and have a negative impact on the entire economic and social system. At INTERPOL, we run initiatives to combat crimes related to payment cards, money laundering, counterfeit currency and security documents, and fraud.

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Delitos contra menores

Los delitos contra menores suponen un enorme reto para la policía de todo el mundo y requieren conocimientos especializados y la asignación de mayores recursos. En INTERPOL animamos a nuestros países miembros a hacer el máximo uso posible de nuestras herramientas especializadas que permiten la identificación de víctimas a partir de fotografías...

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Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime, due to the speed, convenience and anonymity of modern technologies and the Internet. INTERPOL’s cybercrime programme works to identify emerging threats and to develop tools and services to enable police to respond on an international level.

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Delitos contra el medio ambiente

La delincuencia contra el medio ambiente no conoce fronteras y puede poner en peligro la economía, la seguridad e incluso la existencia de un país. En INTERPOL coordinamos la respuesta mundial y de distintos sectores a este problema, y dirigimos operaciones con miras a desmantelar las redes responsables de los delitos de contaminación y los delitos contra la flora y la fauna silvestres.

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INTERPOL Chief and Australian Minister for Justice discuss security issues

INTERPOL-coordinated EU project outlines roadmap against unregulated e-waste

Pharmaceutical crime

Financial crime

Crimes against children


Delitos contra el medio ambiente

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25 agosto 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Singapore gathers fisheries investigators

SINGAPORE – INTERPOL has brought together investigators from nine countries investigating the operations of a fleet of vessels allegedly illegally fishing for toothfish in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica to share information from ongoing investigations and successful prosecutions.With such investigations not exclusively related to fisheries offences...
20 agosto 2015

INTERPOL cancels Red Notices in relation to Rafat Ali Rizvi and Hesham al-Warraq

LYON, France – INTERPOL announces that it has cancelled and deleted the Red Notices – or international wanted persons alerts – regarding Rafat Ali Rizvi (a citizen of the United Kingdom) and Hesham Talaat Mohammed Besheer al-Warraq (a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). This action follows INTERPOL’s consideration of matters relating to Mr Rizvi and...
Actividades All events
02 septiembre 2015 - 04 septiembre 2015 | Canberra, Australia

International Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) Leaders’ Forum

In the face of the growing international threat presented by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), INTERPOL, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Department of Defence will host an inaugural Forum to gather key representatives from government, law enforcement and military services and promote strategic cooperation between them.
08 septiembre 2015 - 10 septiembre 2015 | Singapore

INTERPOL Forensics Workshop for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

This workshop will enable delegates to familiarize themselves with the different INTERPOL forensic tools and services that can enhance their national counter-terrorism initiatives. It will also encourage the continued international exchange of information and biometric data for counter-terrorism.
22 septiembre 2015 - 24 septiembre 2015 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

9th International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference

This operational conference provides a unique forum for delegates from a variety of sectors to share best practices in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy crimes.
30 septiembre 2015 - 02 octubre 2015 | The Hague, The Netherlands

Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference

The three-day event will bring together the top executives of cybercrime units from around the world in order to further strengthen their cooperation.
07 octubre 2015 - 09 octubre 2015 | Singapore

The INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS)

This event is designed for individuals who investigate firearms related crimes, heads of police agencies and those who shape policy aimed at combating firearm crime.
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