Illicit goods are often poor quality and therefore pose a risk to public health. At the same time, a clear link can be drawn between trafficking in illicit goods and other forms of transnational organized crime. Enforcement operations in the field are vital in order to remove illicit products from circulation and to dismantle the illegal networks behind these crimes.

Representatives from a variety of agencies and sectors – police and customs officers, prosecutors, investigative experts – attend training courses and workshops in advance of the operational activity. These hands-on workshops equip participants with the knowledge they need for the raids and follow-up investigations, in particular, enabling them to better distinguish fake products from genuine ones.

Operations coordinated by INTERPOL target a wide range of goods, including food, drink, fuel,vehicle parts, pesticides, toys, cosmetics and electrical products. Activities are carried out in all regions of the world.

Some of our operational highlights are summarized below.

Opson V

Coordinated by INTERPOL and Europol, this global operation seized more than 10,000 tonnes and one million litres of hazardous fake food and drink in operations across 57 countries. Among the seizures were nearly nine tonnes of counterfeit sugar contaminated with fertilizer (Sudan), and 85 tonnes of olives which had been ‘painted’ with copper sulphate solutions to enhance their colour (Italy).

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Jupiter VII

Operation Jupiter VII carried out almost 2,000 raids in 11 countries in South America, leading to the seizure of some 800,000 fake goods worth approximately USD 130 million. Seized goods included clothing, fertilizers, windshields, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, cosmetics, electric and electronic components, mobile phones, fuel, and construction materials. More than 800 people were either arrested or placed under investigation. Notably, an individual who was the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice was arrested in Colombia.

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Maya II

Carried out across the Americas and the Caribbean, this operation seized car parts, fuel, food, detergent, cigars, shampoo and steel, among other fake products. Operation Maya II saw more than 2,000 interventions by police, customs, investigators and Intellectual Property units at markets, border control points and shops across 19 countries and territories. In total, the seized goods were worth nearly USD 60 million.

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Illicit goods worth nearly USD 50 million were seized under Operation Real. Conducted by police and customs agencies across 10 countries in Asia, the operation seized nearly 1 million fake or illicit items including alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, clothing and electrical goods. More than 660 individuals were arrested or placed under investigation.

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Baby food, cosmetics, televisions, mobile phones and toys were among goods worth USD 5.6 million seized during Operation Wipeout. Conducted across seven countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, the operation resulted in some 644,000 goods seized and more than 260 individuals arrested or placed under investigation.

Read more about Operation Wipeout (July 2014)

Al Shaheen

Operation Al Shaheen was the first INTERPOL-coordinated operation to combat trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting held in the Middle East. The operation carried out more than 600 raids across Qatar at shops, markets and retail outlets. It confiscated some 140,000 illicit products and placed 147 individuals under investigation.

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30 junio 2016

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26 abril 2016

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30 marzo 2016

Largest-ever seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation

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International operation against illicit online trade supported by INTERPOL

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Border security across Southeast Asia focus of new EU-ASEAN programme led by INTERPOL

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Global action against intellectual property crime focus of international conference

21 septiembre 2015

Operación en América del Sur contra las redes que distribuyen artículos falsos

13 julio 2015

Las autoridades egipcias se incautan de armas, drogas y obras de arte robadas en una operación contra los productos ilícitos

25 junio 2015

La campaña “Turn Back Crime” de INTERPOL premiada en el Día Mundial contra la Falsificación

01 junio 2015

Decomiso de artículos falsos por valor de 60 millones de USD en varias redadas realizadas en el continente americano y el Caribe

19 marzo 2015

INTERPOL hosts global music industry anti-piracy conference

16 febrero 2015

Incautación récord de alimentos y bebidas falsificados en una operación de INTERPOL y Europol

31 diciembre 2014

Decomiso de artículos falsificados por valor de 37 millones de euros en operaciones coordinadas por INTERPOL en distintos puntos de Europa

24 noviembre 2014

Una conferencia consolida los esfuerzos regionales para combatir los delitos contra la propiedad intelectual en Próximo Oriente y el Norte de África

23 octubre 2014

Un seminario jurídico de INTERPOL refuerza la lucha contra el tráfico ilícito en la región del Golfo

23 septiembre 2014

Harnessing global efforts against counterfeiting and illicit trade focus of international conference

22 septiembre 2014

Una operación de INTERPOL permite incautar en Asia productos falsos valorados en 50 millones de USD

11 septiembre 2014

El empleo de herramientas jurídicas para combatir el tráfico ilícito y la falsificación, tema central de un seminario de INTERPOL en Polonia

11 julio 2014

Dangerous fake goods seized in INTERPOL operations across Eastern and Southern Africa

04 julio 2014

Moldova police seize smuggled snake venom

25 junio 2014

Kuwait requests INTERPOL Purple Notice after fake car parts used to smuggle drugs

04 junio 2014

El refuerzo de la capacidad jurídica para combatir el comercio ilícito y la falsificación, tema central del seminario de INTERPOL en Paraguay

15 mayo 2014

Cientos de redadas en Sudamérica llevan al decomiso de productos falsos valorados en 27 millones de dólares

03 abril 2014

La recopilación de casos publicada por INTERPOL pone de relieve las relaciones entre el tráfico ilícito y la delincuencia organizada

INTERPOL Operation Jupiter VI (2014)

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