Corruption is universal. It affects all regions of the world and all levels of society, but the impact is greatest in developing countries.

If left unchecked, corruption will undermine political, social and economic stability, ultimately threatening the safety and security of society as a whole.

Corruption creates a fertile ground for organized criminal activities, even terrorism, as criminals are aided in their illegal activities by the complicity of corrupt public officials.

Economic globalization has made corruption a borderless crime. The competitive world of international business can leave companies exposed to bribes and fraudulent financial practices. Corrupt transactions can cross multiple jurisdictions, making the ensuing police investigation time-consuming and complex.

What INTERPOL does

The ability to coordinate global action is vital for the world’s police and judicial systems. INTERPOL’s initiatives include:

  • International asset recovery: The Global Focal Point Network for Asset Recovery assists law enforcement bodies in returning stolen public funds to victim countries. Accessible via INTERPOL’s secure global police communications network (I-24/7), the platform allows authorized users to exchange information and better coordinate their investigations. Among the tools on offer is SECOM, a secure web-based email capability.
  • Operational support: We can coordinate working meetings between member countries in order to facilitate investigations that cover more than one jurisdiction, while Corruption Response Teams can be rapidly deployed to support investigations in the field.
  • Training: Success in international asset recovery depends on sound and credible investigation. INTERPOL offers regional training workshops to investigators and prosecutors, focusing on evidence, through the INTERPOL Global Programme on Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes and Asset Recovery .


The complexities of international corruption require a multi-sector and cross-border response. As such, we work closely with a number of partners to fight corruption globally. Activities include promoting the exchange of information, establishing best practices and providing training to officers around the globe. The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) sets out an international framework invaluable in the fight against corruption and serves as a guide to many of our initiatives.

Our international partners include, among others:


As part of our projects and partnerships, we take part in and organize a number of corruption-related events, such as conferences, meetings and training workshops, involving our partners, contact points, member countries, prosecutors and investigators.

30 enero 2015

Estonia hosts INTERPOL workshop on anti-corruption and financial crimes

TALLINN, Estonia – Heads of anti-corruption agencies, senior investigators and prosecutors came together in Estonia for the 10th INTERPOL Global Programme on Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery to examine the challenges to successful investigations and prosecutions of corruption-related cases, and to discuss possible sol...
23 diciembre 2014

Identifying new law enforcement tools to enhance asset tracing and recovery focus of INTERPOL meeting

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Identifying new mechanisms to assist law enforcement efforts in identifying and seizing criminal assets was the focus of an INTERPOL meeting at the United Nations headquarters.During the three-day (17 – 19 December) working group meeting some 90 experts from 32 countries and six international organizations, including a number of...
11 septiembre 2014

Aumentar la cooperación en las investigaciones destinadas a la recuperación de activos, objetivo de la conferencia de puntos de contacto StAR-INTERPOL

VIENA (Austria) – Garantizar a los investigadores especializados en recuperación de activos las herramientas y el apoyo mundial necesarios para llevar a cabo investigaciones transnacionales, fue el tema central de la 5ª Conferencia Mundial de Puntos de Contacto para la Recuperación de Activos celebrada en Viena. Más de 170 investigadores y fiscales antic...
11 marzo 2014

Italy Police Chief visit to INTERPOL focuses on enhancing law enforcement cooperation

LYON, France – During a visit to INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters, Prefect Alessandro Pansa, Chief of the Italian Police and Director General of Public Security of Italy, examined areas in which Italy can strengthen its cooperation with the world police body.As Italy will hold the European Union presidency during the second half of 2014, Prefec...
14 febrero 2014

La lucha contra la corrupción en las transacciones comerciales, tema central de un taller de INTERPOL

NUEVA DELHI (India) – En el marco del 7º programa mundial de INTERPOL sobre la lucha contra la corrupción, la delincuencia financiera y la recuperación de activos, diversos jefes de organismos anticorrupción, investigadores experimentados y fiscales se han congregado en la India con objeto de debatir métodos para identificar e investigar eficazmente casos...

Definición de corrupción

“La corrupción es cualquier acción u omisión contraria a la ley o a la confianza y cuya finalidad sea el lucro, cometida por una persona u organización, ya sea pública o privada.”

Definición de corrupción elaborada por los expertos de INTERPOL

Supporting the UN Convention against Corruption