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Law enforcement services in Sweden are provided by one single police organization, the National Swedish Police, which is part of the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, each of Sweden’s 21 county police authorities is responsible for maintaining public order and security and preventing crime in its own county. 

National police objectives:

  • Reduce opportunities for the commission of crime;
  • Prevent, detect and investigate more crime;
  • Improve the quality of crime investigations;
  • Go beyond mere investigations, basing activities on public needs, swifter service and improved availability.

National Police Board

The National Police Board is the Swedish Police’s central supervisory administrative authority. It serves as the essential link between the government and the 21 police authorities.  Its main task is to create the best possible conditions for high quality police performance and results. 

Swedish National Bureau of Investigation

Sweden’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is part of the National Police Board. It is headquartered in the capital Stockholm and headed by the NBI Commissioner who reports directly to the National Police Commissioner. The NBI has five departments:

  • International Police Cooperation Division;
  • Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Division;
  • Special Operations Division;
  • Central Border Control Division;
  • Office of the Chief Staff.

The NBI leads and coordinates Sweden’s fight against organized crime both at national and international level. The NBI is also responsible for coordinating police efforts during crisis situations and events of national concern.

INTERPOL Stockholm

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Sweden is not an independent unit but instead part of the NBI’s “Single Point of Contact” (SPOC), a department in the International Police Cooperation Division. Housed at the national police headquarters in Stockholm, the SPC is made up of two units:

  • International Section (comprising the NCB);
  • Liaison Officers Section.  

Operational 24 hours a day, the International Section is staffed by 55 men and women in charge of the exchange of operational information through INTERPOL, Europol and Schengen channels, in addition to the Nordic liaison officers’ network.

INTERPOL Stockholm in action
07 May 2014

Visit of Swedish Police Chief underlines country’s role in global security

LYON, France – The National Police Commissioner of Sweden, Bengt Svenson, visited INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters today to examine ways in which the country can play an even more active role in regional and international security.Meeting with senior INTERPOL officials, Mr Svenson and his delegation were briefed on INTERPOL’s current activities...
16 August 2012

INTERPOL Red Notice for Julian Assange remains in force

LYON, France – INTERPOL confirms that its Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Sweden’s request in November 2010 remains valid.Confirmation that Mr Assange’s Red Notice status remains in force follows Thursday’s decision by authorities in Ecuador to grant asylum to Mr Assange, two months after h...
01 December 2010

Sweden authorizes INTERPOL to make public Red Notice for WikiLeaks founder

LYON, France - INTERPOL has made public the Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the request of Swedish authorities who want to question him in connection with a number of sexual offences.The Red Notice for the 39-year-old Australian, which was issued to law enforcement in all 188 INTERPOL member count...
19 November 2009

International operation combats online supply of counterfeit and illegal medicines

An international week of action targeting the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines has resulted in a series of arrests and the seizure of thousands of potentially harmful medical products.In response to an ever-increasing number of websites supplying dangerous and illegal medicines, Operation Pangea II involving 24 countries was co-ordinated b...

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