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Lithuania Police Department

To Defend.  To Protect.  To Help.


Founded in 1918, the Lithuanian Police Department is part of the Ministry of the Interior and is made up of local police branches, special police institutions and educational police institutions.

The general management and control of the Lithuanian Police is the responsibility of the Police Commissioner General of Lithuania, who is appointed for a period of five years.  The Police Commissioner General is directly subordinate to the Minister of the Interior and accountable to the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

The main tasks of the Lithuanian Police are to:

  • Protect human rights and freedom;
  • Ensure public order and safety;
  • Provide urgent assistance in cases of emergency;
  • Provide assistance to crime victims;  
  • Prevent criminal deeds and other violations of law;
  • Detect and investigate criminal deeds and other violations of law;
  • Control traffic.

The Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau is a specialized police agency within the Lithuanian Police structure. Its mission is to create a secure environment and serve the public; to prevent, detect and investigate serious crime; and to coordinate investigations requiring international outreach.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) of Lithuania is a part of the International Liaison Office, a department of the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau. The International Liaison Office is an international cooperation platform consisting of INTERPOL, Europol and Sirene national units.  The nine officers who make up the INTERPOL Vilnius staff work at one of the four crime desks:

  • Fugitives;
  • Organized crime;  
  • Economic crime;
  • Property crime.
INTERPOL Vilnius in action
08 August 2012

INTERPOL operation leads to arrest of mastermind of multimillion Euro car smuggling ring

LYON, France – The suspected mastermind behind a global car smuggling ring, estimated to have trafficked luxury and sports vehicles worth around EUR 6 million since 2009, has been arrested following an INTERPOL-coordinated operation.The Russian national was taken into custody in Venice, Italy following INTERPOL’s Operation Eastbound which coordinated the...
23 September 2011

INTERPOL radiological and nuclear investigations training course in Poland seeks to boost common action plan

WARSAW, Poland – Representatives of 10 Eastern European countries gathered last week to learn how to conduct effective investigations into instances of suspected criminal acts involving radiological and nuclear (RN) weapons, materials and technology. Experienced investigators from law enforcement, customs and other security forces teamed up with their cou...
22 May 2007

Lithuania to enhance access to INTERPOL’s databases

VILNIUS – INTERPOL is to send a team of experts to Lithuania to assist in deploying instant automated access to its global databases such as Stolen and Lost Travel Documents to all law enforcement throughout the country.The decision was announced following a meeting between INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and Minister of the Interior Raimondas...

Lithuania's national police

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