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Law enforcement in Latvia
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Latvia Police in training

Law enforcement services in Latvia are the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior, which is in charge of the State Police, the Security Police and the State Border Guard branches. The Municipal police is part of local government.

The Latvian State Police protects Latvia and its citizens from criminal threats posed to life, health, rights, freedom, property and interests. The Latvian State Police has five regional police districts.

Currently, the State Police is staffed by almost 7,000 certified officers and more than 600 civilians.

State Police - International Cooperation Bureau 

Created in 2009 and staffed by almost 60 police officers, the International Cooperation Bureau is the platform through which Latvia’s State Police reaches out to the international police community for investigations and criminal matters.

It consists of five units:

  • INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB);
  • Legal Affairs;
  • Europol;
  • "SIRENE" Latvia National Unit;
  • Operational Coordination and Informative Provision Unit.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau for Latvia is staffed by nine officers who are in charge of facilitating international police co-operation between Latvian law enforcement agencies and all INTERPOL member countries.

One of the NCBs main tasks is to work with domestic and international police in the swift location of fugitives wanted by INTERPOL, and to have them arrested if located in Latvia.

INTERPOL Riga in action
17 May 2013

INTERPOL Chief’s first mission to Latvia recognizes country’s role in combating transnational crime

RIGA, Latvia – In his first mission to Latvia as INTERPOL Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble met with senior government and police officials to review crime threats and identify opportunities to further enhance the country’s global law enforcement cooperation via INTERPOL.The INTERPOL Chief’s discussions with Minister of the Interior Rihards Kozlovskis an...
08 August 2012

INTERPOL operation leads to arrest of mastermind of multimillion Euro car smuggling ring

LYON, France – The suspected mastermind behind a global car smuggling ring, estimated to have trafficked luxury and sports vehicles worth around EUR 6 million since 2009, has been arrested following an INTERPOL-coordinated operation.The Russian national was taken into custody in Venice, Italy following INTERPOL’s Operation Eastbound which coordinated the...
23 September 2011

INTERPOL radiological and nuclear investigations training course in Poland seeks to boost common action plan

WARSAW, Poland – Representatives of 10 Eastern European countries gathered last week to learn how to conduct effective investigations into instances of suspected criminal acts involving radiological and nuclear (RN) weapons, materials and technology. Experienced investigators from law enforcement, customs and other security forces teamed up with their cou...

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Age today: 35 years old


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