Gibraltar (UK)

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Gibraltar (UK)

INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-bureau for Gibraltar

Law enforcement services in the UK Overseas Territory of Gibraltar are provided by the Royal Gibraltar Police.  The force acts under the command of its Commissioner of Police and has operational control for policing Gibraltar and for meeting the objectives and priorities set out by the locally appointed Gibraltar Police Authority.

Gibraltar Police Authority:

Independent from the Royal Gibraltar Police, the Authority is made up of 10 members who produce an Annual Report setting out the extent to which the Annual Policing Plan for the Royal Gibraltar Police has been fulfilled. Its Chairman is appointed by the Governor. 

The Governor of Gibraltar is appointed by the British Monarch and has responsibility for external affairs, defence and internal security.  

Created in 1830, the Royal Gibraltar Police is made up of more than 240 officers and is responsible for an area of 6.8 km2 and serves a resident population of 35,000.


  • Area Response Teams;
  • Authorised Firearms Unit;
  • Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults Unit;
  • Crime Management Unit;
  • Crime Prevention & Reduction Unit;
  • Crime Protective Services:
  • Criminal Investigation Dept;
  • CSI Dept;
  • Drug Squad;
  • Dog Section;
  • Hi-Tech Crime Unit;
  • Marine Section;
  • Neighbourhood Policing Units;
  • Serious Crime Unit;
  • Special Branch & Immigration;
  • Traffic Department;
  • Training & Professional Standards.

INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-bureau for Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Coordinating Centre for Criminal Intelligence and Drugs (GCID) runs INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-Bureau for Gibraltar on behalf of the Royal Gibraltar Police. 

The Sub-Bureau is the essential link between the Royal Gibraltar Police and INTERPOL's international law enforcement community.   It serves as a unique police platform for INTERPOL investigations involving Gibraltar or requiring international outreach from the Royal Gibraltar Police.

The  Sub-Bureau is the designated contact point for the General Secretariat, Regional Bureaus and INTERPOL member countries requiring assistance for international investigations and the apprehension of fugitives in Gibraltar.

The Sub-Bureau is staffed by five seconded officers from the Royal Gibraltar Police, The Gibraltar Defence Police and HM Customs Gibraltar.  They operate under the command of the Sub-Bureau’s Executive Coordinator.