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    21 October 2002
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Timor Leste


© UN Photo/Bernardino Soares

Timor-Leste Police Service


  • To defend democracy and guarantee internal security of its citizens in a strictly non-partisan manner;
  • To prevent, detect and investigate crime with due respect for human rights;

The Timor-Leste Police Service (Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste) was established in May 2002.   It is made up of three special units:

  • Police Reserve Unit (Groupo Operasaun Especial);
  • Border Patrol Unit (Unidade Policia Fronteira);
  • Rapid Intervention Unit (Batalion Orden Public).


The National Central Bureau (NCB) for Timor Leste is under the command of the Head of Police and is staffed by eight police officials in addition to administrative and legal staff. 


  1. Share information with domestic and international police or judicial authorities in tracing fugitives and locating suspects;
  2. Assist the Timor Leste Immigration Department by checking people’s identities against INTERPOL’s database of stolen passports;
  3. Collect information from the domestic law enforcement agencies for the benefit of the international law enforcement community, and vice versa;  
  4. Obtain and exchange criminal records on individuals under investigation and prosecution;
  5. Participate in capacity building training sessions at the National Police Training Centre.

Crime priorities:  

  1. Smuggling in illicit products;
  2. Money laundering;
  3. Trafficking in human beings;
  4. Public safety and terrorism;
  5. High-tech crime;
  6. Corruption.