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Sri Lanka


Law enforcement in Sri Lanka falls under the jurisdiction of the Sri Lanka Police Service, a national police agency staffed by more than 89,000 men and women.  Headed by an Inspector General of Police who reports to the Minister of Defence, the Sri Lanka Police Service is structured according to nine geographic provinces.

Responsibilities of the Sri Lanka Police Service:

  • Crime prevention, detection and investigation;
  • Security (public security, counter-terrorism, riot and crowd control, intelligence services, VIP security, bomb disposal, prisoner transport);
  • Traffic control;
  • Emergency services;
  • Community policing (civilian complaints, youth violence and crime, community education and awareness).

Some of the Sri Lanka Police Service departments include:

  • Presidential Security Division;
  • Prime Minister Security Division;
  • Ministerial Security Division;
  • Information Technology Division;
  • Mounted Division;
  • Anti-riot Squad;
  • Traffic Police;
  • Police Kennels Division;
  • Marine Division;
  • Police Narcotic Bureau;
  • Children & Women Bureau;
  • Terrorist Investigation Division;
  • Special Task Force;
  • Tourist Police;
  • Judicial Security Division;
  • Diplomatic Security Division;
  • Sri Lanka Police College;
  • Police Hospital, Colombo;
  • Police Academy;
  • Police Public Relation Bureau;
  • Physical Assets Management Division;
  • Police Close Circuit Television Division;
  • Special Investigation Unit;
  • State Intelligence Service;
  • Criminal Investigation Department.

Other Sri Lanka law enforcement agencies include:

  • Sri Lanka Customs;
  • Immigration & Emigration;
  • Sri Lanka Navy;
  • Commission to Investigate Allegation of Bribery or Corruption;
  • Forest Conservation;
  • Excise Department.

Under the command of a Deputy Inspector General of Police, the Criminal Investigation Department is the national unit which investigates serious crime and organized criminal activity.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Sri Lanka is part of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).  The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the CID is also the Head of INTERPOL Colombo.

The Sri Lanka NCB places great emphasis on the importance of providing swift and efficient assistance to the investigations of its partner NCBs across the world, particularly with regard to the search for fugitives.  INTERPOL Colombo staff can conduct investigations themselves and this helps to accelerate response times and boosts cooperation with partner countries.

INTERPOL Colombo in action
05 April 2011

Cricket World Cup host countries ensured security with millions of checks against INTERPOL's global databases

LYON, France – Authorities in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka have been commended by INTERPOL for their collaborative efforts with the world police body and international law enforcement on the safety of participants and spectators during the Cricket World Cup, which saw them ensure that as many domestic and foreign visitors as possible were checked again...
10 March 2011

Terror suspect arrested in Maldives after passport check triggers INTERPOL alarm

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – A Maldives national wanted in connection with a 2007 terror bombing attack has been arrested less than six hours after his passport triggered an INTERPOL alarm as he travelled from Pakistan to the Maldives via Sri Lanka.Iqbal Mohamed, the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice for internationally wanted persons issued at the request of the...

Red Notices 120

Age today: 35 years old


Age today: 63 years old
Nationality: Sri lanka


All wanted persons

Yellow Notices 3

Age today: 31 years old
Nationality: Sri lanka


Age today: 13 years old
Nationality: Sri lanka


All Missing persons

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