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Law enforcement services in Jordan are provided by the Public Security Directorate (PSD).  Answering directly to the Ministry of Interior, the General Director of the PSD is supported by a Deputy Director and six Assistant Directors who are in charge of the following areas of activity:

  • Criminal investigations;
  • Operations and training;
  • Judicial police;
  • Road safety and traffic;
  • Administration and planning;
  • Human resources.

Under the authority of the Director, five regional security commanders oversea the police activities of the Metropolitan, Northern, Southern, Central and Al-Aqaba regions in addition to the Royal Bedouin forces.


In 2008 the national Gendarmerie forces were transferred to the Ministry of Interior to support PSD law enforcement activities.  Gendarmerie responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining law and order;
  • Riot control;
  • Arrest of dangerous suspects;
  • VIP and diplomatic protection;
  • Supporting other security services.

Royal Department for Environment Protection (Rangers)

PSD’s Rangers unit works to improve the quality of Jordan’s environment.  It enforces environmental legislation and promotes cooperation between relevant authorities in an effort to increase national support and advocacy for environmental issues. 



  • International police and information division;
  • Arab police and pursuit division;
  • International cooperation section.

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Jordan is a key part of the Public Security Directorate’s Arab and International Police Department (AIPD): the exclusive platform which links Jordanian law enforcement agencies to their counterparts worldwide.

AIPD Vision:

To help protect lives, property and provide security by enhancing police cooperation through INTERPOL, Arab Interior Ministry council and other strategic channels. To enhance staff performance through the use of modern technology and techniques with a view to achieving strategic objectives and customer satisfaction.

NCB objectives:

  • Boosting security at international, Arab and regional levels;
  • Protecting and maintaining homeland security;
  • Maintaining the security and safety of all citizens, preserving their rights and property, and protecting people from danger;
  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime in all its forms;
  • Protecting and maintaining a secure environment in an effort to encourage investments and sustainable development;
  • Developing and improving services provided to judicial and security authorities in fighting cross-border crime.
INTERPOL Amman in action
26 September 2014

INTERPOL and EU launch Project Estijab to help reinforce security across Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan – A joint INTERPOL and European Union project to help strengthen security across Jordan by providing frontline officers with access to INTERPOL’s global tools and services has been launched in Amman.Project Estijab, which means ‘response’ in Arabic, will see the expansion of access to INTERPOL’s secure global police communications system, kn...
23 September 2014

Heads of INTERPOL bureaus across Middle East and North Africa address regional policing issues

AMMAN, Jordan – Identifying areas for enhanced cooperation to better tackle regional crime is the focus of an INTERPOL meeting for the heads of National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MNA).National and regional initiatives to combat threats including terrorism, drug trafficking, medical product counterfeiting and pharmaceutica...
05 February 2014

Jordan Minister visit to INTERPOL highlights country’s role in regional security

LYON, France – During a visit to INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, Jordan’s Minister of Interior, Hussein Majali, underlined his country’s dedication to enhancing international police cooperation.Meeting with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, Minister Majali was updated on the latest global tools and services available to supp...
17 January 2014

Enhancing fugitive investigations focus of INTERPOL workshop for North Africa and Middle East

LYON, France – Enhancing fugitive investigations and developing best practice was the focus of a workshop at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters for officers from North Africa and the Middle East.The five-day (13 – 17 January) meeting brought together 24 officials dealing with international search requests and fugitives in order to better develo...
01 October 2013

Jordan marks close cooperation with INTERPOL with formal recognition of travel document

LYON, France – Emphasizing Jordan’s commitment to international law enforcement cooperation, Jordan’s Director of Public Security, General Tawfiq Al-Tawalbeh, has formally recognized the INTERPOL Travel Document during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.General Al-Tawalbeh and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble s...
19 September 2012

INTERPOL Asia meeting concludes with onus on regional response to international security threats

AMMAN, Jordan – The 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference has closed with senior law enforcement officials from Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East approving a series of measures to enhance collective police responses and law enforcement capacity to increase regional and international security.Recognizing Asia’s role in advancing global security...
18 September 2012

INTERPOL launches National Environmental Security Task Force initiative

AMMAN, Jordan – INTERPOL has officially launched its National Environmental Security Task Force (NEST) initiative at the 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference before 150 officials from 40 countries.The initiative aims to establish a common platform and approach worldwide for national compliance and enforcement responses, so as to enhance both national a...
18 September 2012

Japanese minister at INTERPOL meeting underlines role of transnational police cooperation against cybercrime

AMMAN, Jordan – Japan’s Minister of State and Chairman of its National Public Safety Commission, Jin Matsubara, has said at the 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference that ‘cybercrime is a prime example of cross-border crime’ which must be dealt with internationally.In this respect, Minister Matsubara emphasized that among measures necessary to advance i...
17 September 2012

Asia's pivotal role in global security is focus of INTERPOL meeting in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan – Senior law enforcement officials from Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East are attending the 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference to focus on building collective police responses and law enforcement capacity against crime threats as part of efforts to boost regional and international security.With the theme ‘Innovative Action and...
31 August 2012

Media invitation for the 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference

LYON, France – Senior law enforcement officials from Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East will gather in Amman, Jordan, from 17-19 September 2012 for the 21st INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference.With the theme of the conference entitled “Innovative Action and Law Enforcement Cooperation in Asia for a Safer World,” the conference will focus on a regi...
11 March 2011

First Arabic INTERPOL Mobile Police Training Programme boosts regional capacity

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Police officers from Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen have taken part in the first ever Arabic session of the INTERPOL Mobile Police Training Programme (IMPTP).The three-week course (5 – 23 March) was held in partnership with the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, covered a range of issues re...

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