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Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia – The Indonesian National Police (INP) – ranks as a Ministry in itself and answers directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The INP was restructured in 2000 in an effort to transform it from a military to a civilian force. This has led to improved working practices and cultures, and greater emphasis on the role of community policing in effective crime prevention.    Further phases of reform are ongoing until 2025 and will see the INP established as a centre of policing excellence.

The INP is made up of more than 400,000 police officers and civilian employees, deployed to the 32 regional police forces of the 17,000 islands which make up Indonesia.  Currently, there are more than 13,000 police women, many in key strategic managerial positions.

The INP regularly participates in United Nations missions abroad, including;

  • Formed Police Unit  in Sudan;
  • United Nations Missions in Sudan;
  • African Union/United Nations Hybrid operation in Darfur;
  • United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.


Headed by a Police Inspector General, the INP’s Division of International Relations (DIR) comprises more than 120 police officers and civilian employees, including 18 women.  The Division is made up of two bureaus:

  • INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Indonesia;
  • Bureau of International Missions.

Because the DIR  has a key role to play not only in assisting the INP to fight international and transnational crime but also in drafting legislation on extradition and mutual legal assistance, it enjoys excellent working relationships with all governmental and law enforcement institutions.

The DIR is located at the INP Headquarters.  Its main working priorities include;

  • International / transnational crime;
  • UN peacekeeping operations;
  • Humanitarian missions;
  • Capacity building;

Providing protection and legal assistance for Indonesian citizens abroad.

INTERPOL Jakarta in action
13 August 2014

INTERPOL training in Indonesia supports police in investigating migrant smuggling

SEMARANG, Indonesia – The first training session of the INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on Enhancing Migrant Smuggling Investigation in Southeast Asia is being held in Indonesia in cooperation with the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC).The two-week course (11-22 August) brings together 22 law enforcement officials from anti-human...
03 May 2013

Protecting forests focus of INTERPOL training course

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Enhanced information and intelligence collection, evaluation and sharing were identified as key areas for law enforcement to more effectively combat illegal logging, the illicit trade in timber and other forestry crime across the Asia-Pacific region during an INTERPOL training course.The week-long ( 29 April – 3 May) course was organi...
29 July 2012

INTERPOL wildlife operation results mark Global Tiger Day

LYON, France – INTERPOL is marking Global Tiger Day with the announcement of an operation aimed at protecting this iconic species and other big cats threatened with extinction and targeting the individual and organized crime groups behind the illicit activity.Operation Prey, conducted across Bhutan, China, India and Nepal led has so far led to nearly 40 a...
19 December 2011

INTERPOL leads crackdown on illegal wildlife markets in Asia

BANGKOK, Thailand ‒ International wildlife crime networks in Asia have been dealt a blow after a recent operation coordinated by INTERPOL against the illegal trade in endangered species resulted in raids, arrests and investigations across the region.Supported by INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme, Operation Stocktake (1-12 December) saw enforcement...
15 April 2011

INTERPOL hunt for international fugitives leads to numerous arrests across South America

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – An INTERPOL operation targeting 207 internationally-wanted fugitives wanted for serious crimes including murder, kidnapping, organized crime and child sexual abuse believed to be hiding in South America has led to arrests across the continent and new investigative leads established for almost a quarter.Investigative leads develop...
27 January 2010

INTERPOL applauds Southeast Asia Operation Storm II’s success in disrupting trade of counterfeit medical products

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia – A multi-country police operation targeting the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit medicines in Southeast Asia has resulted in more than 30 arrests and the seizure of 20 million fake and illegal medicines, including antibiotics, anti-malarial and birth control medicines, anti-tetanus serums, Aspirin and erectile dysfunction...
10 July 2008

Police across Asia break up illegal soccer gambling networks in INTERPOL-led operation

LYON, France – An INTERPOL co-ordinated operation targeting illegal soccer gambling across Asia has resulted in more than 1,300 arrests and the seizure of over 16 million US dollars.During the two-month-long operation, law enforcement officers throughout the region identified and raided 1,088 illegal gambling dens, many of which were controlled by organiz...

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