Uruguayan prostitution ring identified and head arrested as result of international police action

May 2012

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – A man suspected of recruiting 20 Uruguayan women and sending them to Italy to work as prostitutes has been arrested as a result of investigations carried out by  the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus in Montevideo and Rome.

Arrested on 2 May, Jonathan Daniel Falero Inzauralde was indicted along with three fellow suspects thought to have helped facilitate financial transactions. Falero allegedly received EUR 1,500 weekly from each of the women, most of them based in Florence.  

INTERPOL Montevideo began investigating this case in 2011 when the Banco Central del Uruguay alerted NCB staff to suspicious weekly payments Falero was receiving from Italy, initially believed to be linked to money laundering operations. 

If convicted, Falero faces a prison sentence of at least four years for operation of a prostitution racket, and one of his accomplices faces a fine for facilitating organized prostitution. Investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of organized crime involvement in the matter.