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26 June 2015

INTERPOL offers full support following terror attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia

LYON, France – INTERPOL has offered its full support to French, Tunisian, Kuwaiti and Somalian authorities following four separate terrorist attacks which have left more than 80 people dead and many more injured.INTERPOL’s 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre (CCC) at its General Secretariat headquarters is in close contact with the National Central Bu...
26 January 2011

Tunisia seeks ousted President and family via INTERPOL

LYON, France – INTERPOL can confirm that its National Central Bureau (NCB) in Tunis has issued a global alert via INTERPOL's international network to seek the location and arrest of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and six of his relatives.As stated by Tunisian authorities in media reports today, Mr Ben Ali and some of his family members...
04 November 2008

Arrest and extradition of Tunisian terror suspects from UK underlines need for combined regional and international policing efforts

LYON, France - The successful extradition to Italy from Britain of three Tunisian terror suspects who were the subject of European Arrest Warrants and INTERPOL global alerts has highlighted the need for countries to use regional and international policing tools to prevent wanted fugitives from evading arrest.Habib Ignaoua, Mohamed Khemiri and Ali Chehidi,...

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