Technical tools

All 190 INTERPOL member countries are connected through a  secure communications system known as I-24/7. This gives police real-time access to  criminal databases containing millions of records. Our unique system of  Notices is used to alert member countries to fugitives, dangerous criminals, missing persons or weapons threats.

24-hour response

Our  Command and Coordination Centre is operational around the clock and serves as the first point of contact for any member country faced with a crisis situation. We can deploy specialized  response teams to the scene of a serious crime or disaster or to assist with security preparations for a major international event.

Investigative skills

 Forensic experts provide targeted support to member countries in the areas of fingerprint, DNA analysis and  Disaster Victim Identification.  Criminal intelligence analysts monitor and analyse information related to specific areas of crime and criminal organizations, and inform member countries about evolving trends and patterns.

Police training

We are committed to building the capacity of police around the world through  training sessions and our online learning centre. Our training portfolio ranges from practical courses in specific crime areas and investigative techniques for frontline officers, to high-level management programmes for senior police staff.


Global Security: INTERPOL’s Command and Coordination Centre - celebrating 10 years

Command & Coordination Centre