For your security

Stolen travel documents allow criminals to conceal their identities and move between and within borders, while the resale of stolen goods goes towards financing their unlawful activities. Therefore enhanced measures to detect the illegal use of stolen items are a critical component in global crime prevention.

I-Checkit is an innovative tool to help detect criminals using stolen or lost travel documents to access commercial services, such as opening a bank account, booking an air ticket or registering at a hotel.

It can also detect the movement of stolen motor vehicles. Profits from the resale of stolen vehicles are used to fund other criminal activities, while the cars themselves can be used to perpetrate crimes, for example, used as getaway vehicles or as bomb carriers.

Working with the private sector

With the I-Checkit screening solution, national law enforcement agencies and INTERPOL will be notified of illegal transactions occurring within the private sector in order to detect and disrupt criminal activity.

Car repair companies, insurers and resellers will be able to screen the VIN or license plate numbers of used cars against INTERPOL’s Stolen Motor Vehicles databases in order to stop the unlawful movement of stolen vehicles.

I-Checkit will also facilitate the secure transfer of passport information from companies in the banking, transport and tourism industries to be screened against INTERPOL’s database of stolen and lost travel documents.

Acting on database matches

The screening solution will be an invaluable investigative tool. It will alert the General Secretariat and National Central Bureaus in real-time if an item which has been reported as stolen or lost is being used anywhere in the world.

In the case of stolen motor vehicles, database ‘hits’ can spark a chain of events within police structures to investigate, locate and perhaps recover the vehicle with the assistance of the private entity.

When stolen passports and identity documents are used in private industry, ‘hits’ give law enforcement critical insight into crimes that can be investigated, monitored and stopped.  Not only does this tool suppress the unlawful use of travel documents, but it gives law enforcement crucial information regarding other serious crimes which identity fraud is intended to mask.