For your security

Fake and illegally distributed goods often fall below safety standards, thereby putting the health and wellbeing of consumers at risk. There is also clear evidence that organized crime groups are behind the trafficking of illicit goods and counterfeiting, and that profits generated from sales are channelled into a variety of other transnational crimes.

Checking products in real time

The I-Checkit verification solution will help determine whether products – such as electrical goods, luxury items, pharmaceuticals or tobacco – are counterfeit, have been illegally imported or are being sold without the proper authorization.

It compiles extensive product security information and makes it globally accessible via a user-friendly web or mobile application.

The general public, private industry and frontline law enforcement officials will be able to consult this information in real time by scanning a product bar code or entering product identifiers. The results of the search will enable the user to make an informed decision about the legitimacy of the product.

Enhancing consumer safety

By opening this system to the public, INTERPOL empowers consumers worldwide to protect themselves against potentially dangerous counterfeit goods, while also reducing the funding sources of organized criminal networks.


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