For your security

I-Checkit is an innovative tool which will engage members of the public and the private sector in detecting and preventing illicit transactions.

Still in its pilot phase, I-Checkit is being developed to:

  • Reduce the sales of counterfeit and stolen goods
    Profits from the sales of fake and illicit goods are used to fund criminal activities, while the products themselves can be dangerous for the consumer.
  • Identify the fraudulent use of travel documents
    Criminals use stolen travel documents to cross borders undetected, often in connection with illegal activities such as terrorism and trafficking in drugs and people.
  • Detect the movement of stolen motor vehicles
    Stolen cars can be used to carry out criminal acts, and the profits from their resale can be used to finance further crimes.

These aims will be delivered via the solutions below:

  • Verification
    A mobile or web application will enable police and the general public to check product security information in order to identify illicitly traded and potentially counterfeit goods.
  • Screening
    Select private entities will be able to transmit data to be screened against designated INTERPOL databases in order to detect cases of identity fraud and prevent the resale of stolen motor vehicles.

I-Checkit’s ultimate goal is to increase global security by providing the general public and private sector with ways to complement existing law enforcement methods.