Disaster victim recovery form

This form is intended for use by DVI teams in order to log details about bodies recovered from a disaster.

Download the Disaster Victim Recovery Form (Excel file)

Read the Online Disaster Victim Recovery Form (PDF file)

The form is designed to be simple enough to be used with minimal instruction. It consists of a page of labels, and four further pages accessible by tabs at the foot of the document.

Note for Windows 7 users

The Disaster Victim Recovery Form has been created using Microsoft Excel 2003.

If your computer uses Windows 7 you may initially be unable to view the document correctly. Tabs at the bottom of the document should be visible in order to view the additional four pages of the form.

If you cannot view the tabs, you can correct this by selecting the following options after the document has been opened:

1. Select “View”

2. Select “Arrange all”

3. Select “Tiled”

4. Select “100%”

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