Command & Coordination Centre

The Command and Coordination Centre (CCC) is the operations room at INTERPOL, offering a point of contact for any member country seeking urgent police information or facing a crisis situation.

The CCC is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by staff members of various backgrounds and nationalities who are fluent in several different languages.

Based at the General Secretariat in Lyon, the CCC is reinforcing its global response with the opening of new sites. In 2011, a second CCC site opened at the INTERPOL Regional Bureau in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will be followed in the future by a third site in Singapore.

Services and activities

The CCC strengthens the reactivity and operational effectiveness of the world's police through the following functions:

  • Assessing all incoming communications and determining the priority level of each message received by the General Secretariat.
  • Conducting instant checks on all INTERPOL databases; distributing and assigning information; and replying to all urgent queries immediately.
  • Monitoring open sources in order to assess threats and to ensure the full resources of the Organization are ready and available whenever and wherever they may be needed.
  • Coordinating the exchange of intelligence and information for important operations, and involving specialist units, regional offices and external partners as necessary.
  • Issuing alerts and publishing Notices where threats pose an imminent danger. These include Orange Notices to warn police and/or the public about potential threats, and Purple Notices, used to seek or provide information on modi operandi.
  • Assuming a crisis-management role during serious incidents, such as terrorist attacks, and coordinating specialized assistance in the form of an Incident Response Team. This brings together experts in various fields, such as forensic science, DNA, drugs, and so on.
  • Deploying support teams at major events with an international implication in order to support national police with security arrangements.