Operation Black Poseidon

Launched in May 2012 with the financial support of the EU Commission, Operation Black Poseidon was a month-long operation involving police, customs, prosecutors, investigators and Intellectual Property crime experts across five countries in Eastern Europe.

The operation revealed increasingly elaborate methods used by transnational organized criminal groups to traffic illicit goods, as a major source of funding. A wide range of products targeted by these criminal networks included computers, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cigarettes, electronics, cameras, alcohol, music and films. Operation Black Poseidon seized goods at key locations such as land, sea and airport border control points in addition to markets, shops and street vendors.

Provisional results have started to come in and are very encouraging, with more 500 individuals arrested or currently under investigation, and millions of euros worth of goods seized.

Dates: 1-31 May 2012
Participating countries: (five in total) Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine.

Media release: International operation led by INTERPOL reveals scale of illicit goods trafficking (17 July 2012)

Operation Black Poseidon