IP Crime Investigators College

The International  IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) is a fully interactive online training facility on the subject of intellectual property crime. It is designed to benefit all law enforcement, regulatory authorities and private sector investigators.

The College delivers leading edge training to enable investigators to effectively combat current and emerging threats from the transnational organized networks behind trafficking in illicit goods.

The certified course, recognized by INTERPOL, sets international standards and provides IP crime professionals with specialist awareness and learning in this field.

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Course contents

The introductory and intermediate levels of the IIPCIC  course are available online at

  • Introductory level (modules 1-7): These modules have been developed for investigators who want to learn more about IP crime and who would like to undertake these types of cases. Those who successfully complete this level will have a greater understanding of IP crime and will be able to identify typical IP crime cases and initiate actions to undertake counterfeiting and piracy investigations.
  • Intermediate level (modules 8-14): These modules have been developed for investigators who want to enhance their knowledge of IP crime and who would like to actively pursue counterfeiting and piracy cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to conduct transnational organized IP crime cases and provide specialist advice to colleagues.

The modules are available in English, French and Spanish and will in the future be available in a number of other languages. An Arabic version will soon be available and Mandarin language training is in progress.

IIPCIC training certificate

Upon successful completion of these 14 core modules (both introductory and intermediate levels), students will receive a certificate endorsed by INTERPOL certifying they have “successfully completed a course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime”.

View a sample IIPCIC training certificate

Free training for law enforcement representatives

All law enforcement IP crime investigators – including police officers, customs or appropriate regulatory body representatives – will be able to take the training without charge.

If you are a law enforcement representative and would like to take the online training free of charge, please follow the enrollment instructions below:

  1. Go to;
  2. Sign up in the box provided ensuring you use yourprofessional e-mail address;
  3. Click on ‘Create Account’;
  4. You will receive an e-mail from ‘IIPCIC’ containing the username and password you should use to sign in.

View the full instructions here

Following these instructions should enable law enforcement representatives to access all 14 courses (introductory and intermediate levels) for free. If at any point during the sign-up procedure you are asked to pay for access, please e-mail with your full name, agency, professional e-mail address and office telephone number and we shall get back to you.  

Training costs for other applicants

All non-law enforcement students are required to pay a fee to take the training, as outlined below:

  • Introductory level modules – USD 150 per module
  • Introductory level modules (bundled package – modules 1-7) - USD 850
  • Intermediate level modules – USD 150 per module
  • Intermediate level modules (bundled package – modules 8-14) – USD 850
  • Introductory and intermediate level modules (bundled package – modules 1-14) – USD 1,600

If you have any questions on individual pricing or would like information on group pricing in order to train a number of people within your organization please e-mail

View a sample training module

Specialized training modules and materials

The College can produce specialized training modules/materials, from e-learning solutions to classroom teaching materials, that can be tailored to suit both public and private sector organizations.

Additionally, a mechanism is in place to enable individual industries or brand holders to commission an industry-specific module. Such modules can be incorporated into the IIPCIC curriculum – as long as they comply with agreed standards – and be made widely available to all IP crime investigators or, alternatively, they can be restricted to relevant public sector law enforcement agencies.

For more information on how IIPCIC can produce specialized training modules to suit the needs of your organization please e-mail

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