Project Pink Panthers

The Pink Panthers group is behind armed robberies targeting high-end jewellery stores in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States.

This loosely-aligned network of criminals is believed to have carried out robberies worth in excess of EUR 334 million since 1999. Hundreds of suspects are linked to more than 383 robberies/aggravated thefts in 35 countries.

The Pink Panthers' methods are daring and quick. A case that made the headlines in 2007 saw gang members drive two cars into a shopping mall in Dubai and through the window of a jewellery store. The robbery took less than one minute and the gang made away with jewellery worth an estimated EUR 3 million.

Many gang members are known to originate from the former Yugoslavia, but they work across countries and continents, making the exchange of police information such as fingerprints, photographs and DNA essential.

INTERPOL’s Pink Panthers project assists law enforcers in identifying, locating and apprehending perpetrators. It centralizes data on the crimes and criminals, analyses the information, and builds networks of investigators. Working groups bring together investigators from around the world to combine their input in specific cases and to help overcome differences in legal systems. This sharing of information and data enables investigators to make links between countries that might not otherwise be noticed.