Counterfeit currency and security documents

The crime of counterfeiting currency is as old as the creation of money itself. Recent developments in photographic, computer and printing technologies, along with the availability of low-cost equipment, have made the production of counterfeit money relatively easy.

Criminals often use stolen or fake identity documents in order to carry out financial crimes. We are leading an international, cross-sector partnership to improve the level of security of official documents.

Security documents

At INTERPOL, we recognize the need to improve the security of official documents in two ways:

  • Improving the security features of the official documents themselves, in order to reduce the possibility of counterfeiting and falsification.
  • Raising the standards of proofing required in order to obtain official documents. In particular, this applies to child birth registration, birth certificates and emergency travel documents.

The INTERPOL Counterfeit and Security Documents Working Group works to address these issues and to provide a forum to exchange ideas and information. The objective is to bring together stakeholders from the different fields concerned, including the law enforcement community, private industry, government agencies and non-profit organizations.