Operational support

Timely investigative support is vital in asset recovery cases that cross multiple borders, in order to locate, freeze, confiscate and finally repatriate stolen assets.

However, the lack of understanding of the legal, administrative and other procedural requirements in other countries can present a major barrier for investigators.

In such a situation, at the request of the member country pursuing the investigation, INTERPOL invites the case officers from all the jurisdictions concerned for an operational coordination meeting. This helps remove any procedural barriers and identify a clear way forward.

Corruption Response Teams

In addition, Corruption Response Teams (CRTs) can be deployed at short notice to work hand in hand with investigators and prosecutors, providing them with strong mentoring and technical support.

CRTs are designed to function as small teams of experts in various fields, composed of INTERPOL staff and/or partners and deployed for short periods of time to provide precise assistance on specific issues requiring support.

  • CRTs are multidisciplinary, providing for each case a small team of experts in IT forensics, legal matters and experienced police officers.  They also offer various kinds of assistance depending on the case and the request made by the country.
  • CRTs are only deployable following a formal request made by the official government of a member country through their National Central Bureau.