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The operating revenue that enables the Organization to carry out its activities is presented below in a set of financial tables, which are externally audited and comply with international accounting standards.

Financial year 2013

For the financial year 2013, INTERPOL’s operating income totalled EUR 78 million, of which 68% was contributed by member countries, mostly in the form of statutory contributions (67%). Income received on externally funded projects or from private foundations and/or commercial enterprises, with like objectives or interests as INTERPOL, constituted 26% of gross income. Financial income and reimbursements made up 6% of the total.

Total ordinary operating expenditures were EUR 78 million globally, with pay constituting the major cost component at 57% of the total, followed by travel and conference costs (18%), third-party and other costs (7%), maintenance expenses, office expenses and premises running costs (3% each), telecommunications costs associated with INTERPOL’s global telecommunications system I-24/7, and other staff costs, at 2% each. Depreciation expenditure constituted 6% of the total.

The financial performance of INTERPOL resulted in a surplus during 2013, which was added to the Accumulated Reserve Funds of the Organization. Capital projects consumed EUR 5 million of financial resources.

Cash and cash equivalents increased during the year due mainly to an increase in accounts payables and in employee pension liabilities, and also an increase in the externally sponsored projects executed by the Organization. Financial equity and reserves – represented by various funds – increased by EUR 273,000 from the previous year due to the operational surplus in 2013.


The current President of INTERPOL is Mireille Ballestrazzi


The current Secretary General of INTERPOL is Jürgen Stock 

Legal background

INTERPOL's structure is defined in its Constitution (Article 5)

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