Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files

The Commission has five members appointed in conformity with Article 2 of the Rules on the Control of Information and Access to INTERPOL's Files for a term of office of three years (Article 3 of those Rules).

The current members of the Commission are:


  • Professor Nina VAJIC (Croatia)
    Former Judge and Section President, European Court of Human Rights

Data protections experts

  • Mrs Drudeisha MADHUB (Mauritius)
    Barrister at Law, former Senior State Counsel, Data Protection Commissioner of Mauritius
  •  Mr Jean FRAYSSINET (France)
    Professeur émérite des universités
    Faculté de Droit d’Aix en Provence

Information technology expert

  • Mr Andrew PATRICK (Canada)
    Information Technology Research Analyst
    Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Expert in the field of international police cooperation

  • Mr Kenneth HARRIS (USA)
    United States Department of Justice