INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World

The INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World is the rallying point for likeminded organizations and persons to unite with INTERPOL and the global law enforcement community in a joint response to today’s challenges.

INTERPOL’s vision is “Connecting Police for a Safer World”, yet a safer world cannot be achieved by police alone. It is a collective responsibility, requiring a global alliance from governments, businesses and civil society.

Strategic objectives

The Foundation works to ensure:

  • Vibrant and sustainable societies
     free of violence, in equilibrium with the environment, able to recover from conflict or disasters, built by citizens and law enforcement together.
  • Clean and prosperous businesses
     which operate uncorrupted, where investors can nurture emerging economies in confidence, and consumers are empowered to make smart decisions.
  • Strong and connected law enforcement
     guided by visionary leaders to face the emerging challenges of international crime.
  • Safe and accessible travel
     led by an industry that prevents criminals and terrorists from crossing borders without unduly impeding legitimate flows.
  • Open and secure cyberspace
     that connects individuals, families, entrepreneurs and companies, while countering the threats targeting them online.

Tackling critical issues 

In striving for a safer world and in working to achieve its strategic objectives, the Foundation needs to tackle the critical issues currently shaping the global security landscape. Four main areas are:

  • Terrorism
     At the centre of INTERPOL’s vision of a strong, connected police network is the ability to respond instantly to prevent and counter threats of terrorism worldwide.
  • Organized crime
     Tackling criminal syndicates means understanding their goals, the commodities fuelling each of their illicit networks and, ultimately, the impact they have on growth and security worldwide.
  • Police capacity
     Up-to-date tools and skills are crucial to international policing in a rapidly changing world, where innovation can turn investigation practices obsolete almost overnight.
  • Fragile states
     Conflicts and disasters can condemn a nation to a generation of lost growth and provide a breeding ground for organized crime and terrorism. Specialized experience is needed to rebuild security structures and the rule of law.

Putting words into action

Citizens need protecting from physical and virtual crimes. Businesses and families need economic security in order to thrive. The Foundation develops activities to challenge some of the main threats facing people today.

  • Creating partnerships
     with organizations whose work contributes to the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Raising awareness
     among governments, the private sector and the general public about modern day security issues and the role of INTERPOL.
  • Developing research capacity
     in the areas of crime prevention and international cooperation in criminal matters, and developing training activities aimed at building capacity in these areas.
  • Conducting fundraising campaigns
     managing the income and identifying the causes and activities to be given priority.

Patronage from sponsors and benefactors will generate new, innovative crime prevention and awareness initiatives on the major threats facing the world today.

The Foundation will mobilize support across all sectors against transnational crimes which threaten communities worldwide, notably in the strategic areas of business, cyberspace, society and travel. Ultimately, it will support the international law enforcement community in making the world a safer place.

Legal basis

Registered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Foundation supports the programmes and activities of INTERPOL while remaining legally and administratively independent.

With its decision-making Board, Honorary Committee and Auditor, it will create new global safety initiatives and ensure that all donations are channelled transparently.

INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World

To inspire, connect and empower to turn back crime

For a safer world

Integrity and neutrality