Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime, due to the speed, convenience and anonymity of modern technologies and the Internet. INTERPOL’s cybercrime programme works to identify emerging threats and to develop tools and services to enable police to respond on an international level.

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07 October 2014

INTERPOL Chief visits Iceland to advance international law enforcement cooperation

Secretary General completes ground-breaking journey to visit all 190 INTERPOL member countries
REYKJAVIK, Iceland – With his first official visit to Iceland as INTERPOL Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble has underlined the world police body’s commitment to all of its member countries and international law enforcement cooperation by fulfilling his pledge to visit each of the Organization’s 190 members while in office.

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04 October 2014

Identifying and saving victims of child sexual abuse focus of INTERPOL meeting

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Child protection and victim identification specialists from around the world gathered at an INTERPOL conference to exchange best practice and information that could potentially uncover links between investigations of child sexual abuse worldwide.

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01 October 2014

Combating cybercrime through cooperation focus of INTERPOL-Europol conference

SINGAPORE – Identifying new threats and trends and tracking cybercriminals online to bring them to justice in the real world are among the key areas to be addressed during the 2nd INTERPOL–Europol cybercrime conference.

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INTERPOL Chief visits Iceland to advance international law enforcement cooperation

Identifying and saving victims of child sexual abuse focus of INTERPOL meeting

Combating cybercrime through cooperation focus of INTERPOL-Europol conference

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23 October 2014

INTERPOL legal seminar enhances fight against illicit trade in Gulf region

MANAMA, Bahrain – In the framework of its ongoing efforts to address illicit trade in the Middle East, INTERPOL is holding a legal seminar for participants of the Gulf Arabian countries to discuss intellectual property rights and other illicit trade issues.The four-day event (20-23 October), the first legal seminar organized by INTERPOL in the region, has...
16 October 2014

INTERPOL facial recognition experts meeting develops global guidelines

LYON, France – The first meeting of the INTERPOL Facial Expert Working Group brought together global experts in biometrics to begin the process of developing international facial recognition standards.The two-day meeting (14 and 15 October) gathered 24 technical and biometrics experts and examiners from 16 countries who produced a ‘best practice guide’ fo...
15 October 2014

Hundreds of stolen vehicles recovered in Europe-wide operation supported by INTERPOL

An Europe-wide operation targeting vehicle crime has so far led to the recovery of 323 stolen vehicles worth more than EUR 5 million and 469 arrests.More than 375,000 checks were carried out during the three-day (7 – 9 October) joint police operation ITACAR led by Italy and supported by INTERPOL’s dedicated Stolen Motor Vehicle (SMV) task force, Switzerla...
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03 November 2014 - 07 November 2014 | Monaco

83rd INTERPOL General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of delegates appointed by the governments of member countries. As INTERPOL's supreme governing body, it meets once a year and takes all the major decisions affecting general policy, the resources needed for international cooperation, working methods, finances and programmes of activities.
19 November 2014 - 20 November 2014 | Dublin, Ireland

Ten Years of Combating Pharmaceutical Crime: Review and prospects

During the past 10 years, a number of partners at the international, regional and national levels have intensified efforts to combat pharmaceutical crime with the aim of protecting public health and ensuring safety of pharmaceutical and medical products supply systems.In this respect, INTERPOL is organizing a global conference to gather all interested par...
01 December 2014 - 03 December 2014 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

19th INTERPOL Police Training Symposium

This symposium is aimed at the heads of national, regional and international entities in charge of police capacity building, training and development. It would also be of interest and value to any police managers who are interested in learning about and sharing major training challenges and best practices in the area of capacity building for police forces...
14 April 2015 - 16 April 2015 | Singapore


With technological advancements occurring at an unprecedented scale, the world is now confronted with a host of new border-related crime threats that are increasingly complex and intertwined. This cross-sector event will drive security initiatives in four key areas: cybersecurity, safe cities, border management and supply chain security.

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