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29 September 2012 - Media release

N.O.B.L.E. tribute to INTERPOL Secretary General

US law enforcement body recognizes achievements of world police organization and its leader

HILADELPHIA, USA – The work of INTERPOL, the world’s largest police organization, to achieve a safer world under the leadership of Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has been recognized at a Tribute by the Greater Philadelphia Chapter (GPC) of America’s National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives where Secretary General Noble was the 2012 Honoree.

Thanking, on Friday, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (N.O.B.L.E.) on behalf of the entire INTERPOL community, Secretary General Noble in turn paid tribute to its work and that of the law enforcement officers it represents who ‘truly deserve recognition and accolades’, including Moses Walker Jr , a Philadelphia police officer who was slain in August of this year while returning home following his shift at a Philadelphia police precinct.

“He paid the ultimate price in service to your city, and he will forever be remembered along with the other 2,127 American police officers killed in the line of duty since the start of this century,” said the Head of INTERPOL.

Earlier in the day, at his first speaking engagement in front of Philadelphia's business leaders, Secretary General Noble highlighted how the threat of terrorism required constant international cooperation by law enforcement officers in INTERPOL's 190 member countries in order for terrorists to be identified, located and captured around the world.

“Terrorism knows no bounds: it does not respect sovereignty or national borders. One country alone cannot effectively address terrorist-related activities,” said Mr Noble.

With INTERPOL recognizing that terrorism can strike anywhere at any time, and when it does, that the first few moments are critical, the audience heard how INTERPOL is prepared to be anywhere at any time and, through the deployment of Incident Response Teams, is able to assist  an investigation in the event of a terrorist attack.

“This also ensures that INTERPOL retains its relevance and neutrality by providing the opportunity for all member states to lend and receive support in times of need,” added Secretary General Noble.

The Secretary General extended a special tribute to three young high school students who were named the recipients of the Ronald K. Noble, Arthur Lewis and James N. Reaves N.O.B.L.E. scholarships.  Mr. Noble surprised the recipient of the 1-year scholarship awarded in his name by offering to personally match that financial scholarship for the additional three years needed for graduation from university.

Secretary General Noble also highlighted the important role played by his parents, mentors and his colleagues from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and from federal law enforcement in supporting him when he first began his professional career in Philadelphia.

"Everything I have achieved in my professional life, I owe to you. I apply each and every day of my life the lessons that I learned here from my parents and from you, my dear colleagues. Consequently, I am able to believe in and rely on the ability of my dedicated staff at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters to work side-by-side for a safer world irrespective of the race, nationality, religion or gender of their colleagues and irrespective of the name of the country concerned.  This ability to work together for the greater good is both the beauty and strength of INTERPOL," concluded Secretary General Noble.