Training and capacity building

Training activities

Capacity building and training play a key role in INTERPOL’s overall mission to enhance international police cooperation. We support police in our 190 member countries, by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and best practices needed to meet today’s policing challenges.

In an effort to build an international learning community, we have implemented a number of initiatives aimed at developing knowledge and facilitating cross-border cooperation and capacity building.

Our philosophy is to focus on international cooperation in all of its manifestations, particularly cooperation among institutions (law enforcement agencies) and among individual participants. The ultimate goal is to enhance knowledge and encourage innovation, in order to turn training into operational practice.

Capacity building programmes for National Central Bureaus (NCBs) and law enforcement agencies

INTERPOL’s capacity building programmes have a global scope, covering all regions and bringing together officials from NCBs, police forces and a variety of law enforcement agencies (prosecutors, customs, immigration). All programmes are based on improving the knowledge and use of INTERPOL’s tools and services, as well as developing, teaching and sharing best practices in international cooperation.

Our programmes are carried out on a regional level, enabling participants to build an invaluable network of contacts for assistance in future investigations. In the Americas, our programmes focus on combatting organized crime and drug trafficking; in the Horn of Africa and Sahel, our programmes focus on counter-terrorism; and in Asia, the focus is on counter-terrorism and the prevention of migrant smuggling. We partner with police training institutions, global law enforcement, academics and subject matter experts to offer the latest specialized information and policing techniques.

Thanks to a train-the-trainer module dedicated to improving teaching and presentation skills, INTERPOL aims to create a sustainable training regime by ensuring that as many trainees as possible are able to transmit what they have learned to colleagues in their home countries.

Training for NCBs

INTERPOL Police Development Programme for NCBs (IPD/NCBs)

This two-week programme is designed to train NCB staff and law enforcement partners on how to use INTERPOL’s systems and databases, focusing on regional needs and priorities. It also provides attendees with effective presentation and teaching skills and information security awareness.

INTERPOL Mobile Police Training Programme (IMPTP)

This three-week activity trains officers from NCBs and other law enforcement agencies on how to effectively use INTERPOL's tools and services. It is conducted in different geographical areas, focusing on the different needs of each region, and aims to improve international cooperation. The first four sessions, in Latin America and the Caribbean, were attended by officers from more than 40 countries. The fifth and sixth sessions were conducted in Arabic and benefited 13 Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Specialized crime areas

We develop resources and deliver regular training sessions on individual crime areas and investigative techniques. An online college trains intellectual property crime investigators in the latest procedures, bioterrorism table-top exercises improve the knowledge and ability of investigators to respond to such incidents, and crime scene investigation training covers disciplines from fingerprint and DNA retrieval to evidence preservation. 

A wide range of training courses

  • INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on Organized Crime for the Americas
  • INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on the Prevention of Migrant Smuggling and Illegal Migration in South East Asia
  • International Threat Assessment and Intelligence Workshop
  • INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on Counter-Terrorism for the Horn of Africa
  • INTERPOL Capacity  Building Programme on Counter-Terrorism for Asia
  • INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on Counter-Terrorism for Sahel
  • INTERPOL Training Seminar on United Nations Security Council Sanctions and their Implementation at the National and International Level
  • Complementary Training Initiative on the Enhancement of INTERPOL Notices
29 April 2016

INTERPOL training to strengthen border management in West Africa

13 April 2016

INTERPOL border operation in Southeast Asia targets terror suspects

29 February 2016

INTERPOL meeting addresses terrorist threats across Asia-Pacific

15 February 2016

Enhancing port security in the Philippines focus of INTERPOL training

15 February 2016

Drugs, criminals, guns and gold intercepted in INTERPOL border operation in West Africa

21 December 2015

Police cooperation focus of Ecuador Minister of Interior visit to INTERPOL

17 December 2015

Strengthening border security in ASEAN countries through specialist skills

11 December 2015

INTERPOL counter-terrorism training strengthens impact of UNSC sanctions in Southeast Asia

02 December 2015

INTERPOL training focused on port security in the Philippines

20 November 2015

INTERPOL regional training in Cambodia aims to build ASEAN capacity against terrorism

27 October 2015

INTERPOL training to boost border security in West Africa

23 October 2015

Fighting pharmaceutical crime focus of INTERPOL training in Uganda

20 October 2015

Border security across Southeast Asia focus of new EU-ASEAN programme led by INTERPOL

30 September 2015

INTERPOL training in Morocco aims to foster stability in North Africa and the Sahel

27 September 2015

INTERPOL President addresses United Nations Sustainable Development Summit

17 September 2015

INTERPOL training aims to boost impact of UN Security Council Resolutions against terrorism in ASEAN region

14 September 2015

INTERPOL forensics workshop in Singapore looks to boost region’s counter-terrorism investigations

11 September 2015

Enhancing forensic skills for maritime security focus of INTERPOL training in Singapore

04 September 2015

International Leaders’ Forum backs creation of Global Alliance to combat IED threat

31 July 2015

Strengthening West African border security focus of INTERPOL programme

28 July 2015

New equipment boosts Royal Thai Police investigative capacity

26 June 2015

Identifying new and emerging terrorist threats in Asia-Pacific focus of INTERPOL programme

22 May 2015

Enhancing international police cooperation focus of meeting between Chinese Vice-Minister and INTERPOL Chief

22 May 2015

INTERPOL training in Ghana aims to strengthen regional police capacity in border management

18 May 2015

Cooperation and effective data exchange focus of INTERPOL training in Vietnam

13 April 2015

International gathering marks inauguration of INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

10 April 2015

INTERPOL border security operation targets criminals traveling in Southeast Asia

20 March 2015

Increased use of INTERPOL tools and network focus of European police training

03 February 2015

Brunei hosts INTERPOL counter-terrorism course for Asean countries

02 February 2015

INTERPOL Basic Training on Maritime Security held in Malaysia

07 January 2015

New technology boosts Dominican Republic crime evidence collection procedures

16 December 2014

INTERPOL holds training on digital forensics for maritime piracy investigations

09 December 2014

INTERPOL training courses boost Asian counter-terrorism capacity

05 December 2014

Fisheries crime investigations supported by INTERPOL training

05 December 2014

INTERPOL regional training in Ethiopia aims to build police capacity against terrorism

05 December 2014

INTERPOL holds wildlife crime training in Botswana

01 December 2014

INTERPOL training symposium in Ethiopia focuses on 21st century policing challenges

20th INTERPOL Police Training Symposium

21-23 June 2016, Singapore

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