Global Counter-Nuclear Smuggling Conference

27–29 January 2016

Lyon, France

Held as a prelude to the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit (31 March to 1 April, in Washington DC), this conference brought together some 30 experts to share their experience and best practice with an audience of more than 260 law enforcement officials from 117 member countries. As well as promoting inter-agency cooperation, the conference highlighted INTERPOL’s ability to provide technical resources and training to member countries with the aim of preventing the trafficking of nuclear and other radiological materials.

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INTERPOL Counter-Terrorism Working Group Meeting on Foreign Terrorist Fighters

18–20 November 2015

Seville, Spain

Discussions at this Working Group meeting centred on the issue of foreign terrorist fighters who travel to and from the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq, and the developing conflict zone in Libya. The main objective of the Working Group is to contribute to the disruption of the activities of foreign terrorist fighters, including recruitment and travel networks. As such, the meeting highlighted the importance of sharing information effectively across borders via INTERPOL channels.
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International Law Enforcement Critical Infrastructure Symposium

7–10 July 2014

Miami, USA

Jointly organized by the FBI and INTERPOL, this symposium promoted increased integration between law enforcement and the public and private sectors in order to protect critical infrastructure. ‘Critical infrastructure’ refers to the physical and virtual assets, systems and networks – such as energy, transport, water and stadiums – which if incapacitated or destroyed would have a devastating effect on security, the economy and public health and safety.
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Chemical and Explosives Terrorism Prevention Course in Southeast Asia

17–20 June 2014

Phuket, Thailand

This event brought together representatives of law enforcement, government, customs and chemical industries from seven countries in Southeast Asia. The meeting provided an overview of the chemical and explosives terrorism threat in the region and identified ways in which the countries could work together to effectively counter the threat.
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Global Security and Counter Terrorism Convention

28–30 January 2014

Sydney, Australia

This convention identified emerging trends in terrorism and transnational crime with a view to developing a global coordinated response. More than 200 participants from a variety of sectors discussed issues including transnational fighters, kidnapping for ransom, and the threat of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives terrorism.
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Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General, INTERPOL Counter Nuclear Smuggling conference

Alan King, Coordinator of INTERPOL's Radiological Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Unit

Jorge Fernández Díaz, Ministro del Interior de España

Francisco Perea Bartolomé, jefe superior de Policía de Andalucía Occidental

Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General address to INTERPOL Counter-Terrorism conference