Corruption Response Teams

At INTERPOL, we are developing news ways to support the anti-corruption efforts of our member countries on an operational level.

A major component of this strategy is the creation of a Corruption Response Team (CRT) capability, able to be deployed at short notice and work hand in hand with investigators and prosecutors to provide them with strong mentoring and technical support.

CRTs are designed to function as small teams of experts in various fields, composed of INTERPOL staff and/or partners and deployed for short periods of time to provide precise assistance on specific issues requiring support.

CRTs are composed according to clear criteria, thus ensuring that they provide an adequate response to member countries and work within a firm legal framework:

  • They are multidisciplinary, providing for each case a small team of experts in IT forensics, legal matters and experienced police officers;
  • They are only deployable following a formal request made by the official government of a member country through their National Central Bureau;
  • They offer various kinds of assistance depending on the case and the request made by the country.

The assistance INTERPOL offers is divided into the following three categories:

  • Providing training and/or capacity building through short sessions designed for small teams of specialized local staff. This training can either take the form of workshops and seminars or police trainings.
  • Providing legal support, especially on Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) requests. This includes drafting of MLAs, coordination and follow-up through INTERPOL’s I-24/7 secure network to accelerate processes.
  • Providing forensic support to investigators on specific criminal cases.