Strengthening the legal status of the Commission

Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files

In 2003, the INTERPOL General Secretariat began negotiations with the French government, to amend the Headquarters agreement concluded in 1982. The negotiations resulted in an amended version of the Headquarters agreement signed by both parties on 14 April 2008 and adopted by the Organization on 9 October 2008 during the 77th General Assembly of the Organization.

The adoption of the amended Headquarters agreement abrogated the 1982 Headquarters agreement as well as the Exchange of letters between the French government and ICPO-INTERPOL.

The amended Headquarters agreement no longer contains specific regulations on the organization of controls of ICPO-INTERPOL’s files, such as the 1982 requirement that France hold a permanent seat on the Commission. The Organization wished to broaden Member State participation within the functioning of the Commission to better guarantee a fair geographical representation of the Organization’s members inside the Commission.

In accordance with the 2008 Headquarters agreement, the Commission is now a part of the Organization’s internal juridical order and appears as an official body of the Organization.