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16 April 2014

INTERPOL offers assistance following South Korean ferry disaster

15 April 2014

Rwandan President Kagame stresses importance of INTERPOL's continued engagement in hunt for genocide fugitives

14 April 2014

'Closing the Impunity Gap’ focus of INTERPOL genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity meeting in Rwanda

14 April 2014

INTERPOL condemns Abuja terror ‘slaughter’

10 April 2014

Human trafficking an open wound on society, Pope Francis tells conference

10 April 2014

Operation to tackle airline ticket fraud supported by INTERPOL

09 April 2014

INTERPOL Chief tells human trafficking conference ‘we are allies in global fight to protect human life and dignity’

08 April 2014

INTERPOL congratulates footballer Simone Farina on appointment as role model for Youth Olympics

07 April 2014

INTERPOL condemns murder of United Nations workers in Somalia

07 April 2014

Tackling match-fixing in football focus of INTERPOL workshop in Senegal

04 April 2014

Children rescued from trafficking and exploitation in Côte d’Ivoire operation supported by INTERPOL

04 April 2014

INTERPOL agreement with Netherlands Forensic Institute to enhance forensic support for countries

03 April 2014

INTERPOL report highlights need for greater operational response to preserve tigers

03 April 2014

INTERPOL casebook highlights links between illicit trade and organized crime

02 April 2014

INTERPOL condemns killing of police officers in Afghanistan and Egypt

02 April 2014

Global police chiefs gather to build on foundations laid for a safer world

31 March 2014

INTERPOL meeting outlines legal basis for police information exchange in West Africa

28 March 2014

INTERPOL rejects claim attributed to Malaysia that checking INTERPOL's databases may have slowed immigration checks

27 March 2014

International investigators gather for INTERPOL ‘Pink Panthers’ project meeting

27 March 2014

Identifying areas for closer cooperation focus of INTERPOL Chief visit to Suriname

26 March 2014

First e-learning tool launched to prevent illegal trade in hazardous chemicals and waste

26 March 2014

Effectively tackling drug trafficking across Africa focus of INTERPOL meeting

25 March 2014

Nuclear Security Summit calls for greater information-sharing with INTERPOL

21 March 2014

INTERPOL anti-piracy meeting reviews key evidence against network leaders

21 March 2014

Clear-cut crime scenes: Why the International Day of Forests matters

20 March 2014

INTERPOL-supported operation in Qatar leads to major seizure of illicit goods

16 March 2014

INTERPOL cooperation with Malaysian authorities in relation to missing Flight MH 370

12 March 2014

Transnational threat of foreign fighters requires global response, INTERPOL Chief tells Baghdad conference

11 March 2014

Italy Police Chief visit to INTERPOL focuses on enhancing law enforcement cooperation

11 March 2014

INTERPOL Tehran identifies two Iranian nationals who used legal documents ahead of flight MH 370

09 March 2014

INTERPOL confirms at least two stolen passports used by passengers on missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 were registered in its databases

06 March 2014

INTERPOL reviewing Red Notice request by Ukrainian authorities for arrest of Victor Yanukovych

05 March 2014

INTERPOL and International Organization for Migration agreement to enhance border security

05 March 2014

Lack of oversight in cigarette components funds organized crime, warns INTERPOL Chief

05 March 2014

International collaboration via INTERPOL leads to arrest in Thailand of fugitive rapist

03 March 2014

On World Wildlife Day, INTERPOL renews commitment to environmental security

28 February 2014

Tackling drug trafficking across Middle East and North Africa focus of INTERPOL meeting

26 February 2014

Preventing match-fixing and corruption focus of INTERPOL-FIFA conference for Oceania region

26 February 2014

Yemen underscores cooperation with INTERPOL by implementing travel document

25 February 2014

Response to elephant poaching and ivory trafficking focus of new INTERPOL report

24 February 2014

Preventing use of stolen passports by terrorists and criminals key to global security, says INTERPOL Chief

21 February 2014

Workshop builds cooperation in enhancing radiological and nuclear security

20 February 2014

Combating pharmaceutical crime requires strong collaboration, says INTERPOL Chief

17 February 2014

Qatar delegation meets with senior INTERPOL officials to identify areas for enhanced cooperation

14 February 2014

Thousands of tonnes of fake food and drink seized in INTERPOL-Europol operation

14 February 2014

Boosting law enforcement cooperation focus of INTERPOL Chief’s visit to Liberia

14 February 2014

Combating corruption in business transactions focus of INTERPOL workshop

13 February 2014

Combating transnational crime and terrorism focus of INTERPOL Chief meeting with Sierra Leone President

13 February 2014

Global cooperation vital against soaring wildlife crime, INTERPOL President tells London conference

12 February 2014

Spanish police arrest ‘Pink Panther’ gang suspect in 2007 Dubai mall robbery

12 February 2014

INTERPOL Chief calls on Gambia to make greater use of INTERPOL’s tools and services

11 February 2014

President of Guinea discusses security needs with INTERPOL Chief

10 February 2014

Togo role in fighting wildlife and transnational crime focus of INTERPOL Chief visit

07 February 2014

Ecuadorean delegation visit to INTERPOL focuses on international police collaboration

05 February 2014

Jordan Minister visit to INTERPOL highlights country’s role in regional security

30 January 2014

INTERPOL and IOC team up to strengthen sports security and integrity

30 January 2014

Themis Network visits INTERPOL to strengthen environmental security in Balkans

28 January 2014

Global security dialogue via INTERPOL focus of Beirut meeting with banking association

28 January 2014

Tackling emerging trends in terrorism focus of INTERPOL convention

27 January 2014

Visit to INTERPOL by Djibouti Police Chief focuses on enhancing cooperation

24 January 2014

Fuel smuggling rings dismantled in INTERPOL coordinated operation

24 January 2014

WAPIS office opens at ECOWAS headquarters in Abuja

22 January 2014

South Africa requests INTERPOL Notices for vessels suspected of illegal fishing and crew abuse

20 January 2014

Media invitation to the INTERPOL Global Security and Counter-terrorism Convention

18 January 2014

INTERPOL Chief condemns deadly Kabul attack

18 January 2014

Visit by Zanzibar police commissioner to INTERPOL focuses on boosting regional security

17 January 2014

Enhancing fugitive investigations focus of INTERPOL workshop for North Africa and Middle East

14 January 2014

Qatar requests first INTERPOL notice for illicit trade offences