Border management

Fighting terrorism and transnational crime through effective border management.


INTERPOL leads and coordinates, with the cooperation of international partners, key border security operations in a variety of specialized crime areas, with the aim of disrupting criminals who seek to cross borders using fraudulent documents to conceal their true identity.

This is done by both extending permanent or temporary access to INTERPOL’s databases to airports, sea, and land borders and utilizing INTERPOL’s expertise in forensics, specialized training and investigative skills.

People smuggling
The  Smuggling Training Operation Programme (STOP) offers training on the use of the SLTD databases combined with operations at major airports, to disrupt the criminal networks providing fraudulent travel documents to illegal immigrants.

Fugitive operations
The  International Fugitive Round-up and Arrest (INFRA) targets criminals wanted for serious crimes who exploit international borders to evade justice. It operates on global, regional or crime-specific levels, in close collaboration with national fugitive investigators. 

Organized crime
Organized crime has diversified into many fields, including the trafficking of drugs, chemical precursors, firearms and even persons. INTERPOL supports member countries in the fight against the trafficking of chemicals used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine ( Operation Icebreaker) and the maritime trafficking of drugs and firearms ( Operation Lionfish).

Fighting terrorism
INTERPOL’s  counter-terrorism activities include  Operation Hawk, which delivers comprehensive counter-terrorism training on strategies for combating terrorism, including identification of illicit radioactive or nuclear materials, coupled with operational activities.

Major event support
The  INTERPOL Major Event Support Teams (IMESTs) are deployed to assist member countries with the preparation, coordination and implementation of security for major events, in particular by facilitating access to INTERPOL’s global databases for real-time searches and police data exchange.

10 April 2014

Operation to tackle airline ticket fraud supported by INTERPOL

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – More than 180 people were arrested or detained during an operation, coordinated by Europol and supported by INTERPOL, at airports across Europe and the Americas to tackle credit card fraud and illegal immigration.The two-day (8 and 9 April) operation involved law enforcement agencies from across the world, with support from th...
05 March 2014

INTERPOL and International Organization for Migration agreement to enhance border security

GENEVA, Switzerland – An agreement between INTERPOL and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will see enhanced cooperation between the two bodies on border security to better combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling.Signed by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and IOM Director General William Lacy Swing, the agreement formalise...
23 December 2013

INTERPOL Red Notice subject arrested in security operation during Southeast Asia Games

LYON, France – A check against INTERPOL’s databases as part of security operations surrounding the Southeast (SEA) Games in Myanmar has led to the identification and arrest of a US fugitive in the Philippines.The 45-year-old man, the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice for internationally wanted persons issued at the request of NCB Washington for financial...
28 November 2013

Enhancing border security focus of INTERPOL-coordinated operations

LYON, France – INTERPOL has coordinated a series of operations to screen travellers and vehicles at key border points throughout Africa, Southeast and Central Asia to help member countries boost security.Under the aegis of the INTERPOL Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF), a series of operations has been held to enhance border security measures...
12 November 2013

INTERPOL agreement with CEMAC to promote border security in Central Africa

LYON, France – An agreement to extend access to INTERPOL’s tools and services to key border points in six Central African countries has been concluded by INTERPOL and the Communauté Économique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale (CEMAC).Signed by CEMAC President Pierre Moussa and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, the agreement provides a framewor...
20 September 2013

INTERPOL Chief warns of ‘invisible’ threats to personal and economic security

YALTA, Ukraine – Cybercrime, counterfeit products and the ever-increasing movement of people and goods in both the real and virtual worlds pose a significant threat to global safety and security, the head of INTERPOL warned today.Speaking at the 10th Yalta Annual Meeting in Ukraine, Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said the trade in fake and illicit good...
13 August 2013

INTERPOL joins Frontex operation in Romania against Black Sea crime

CONSTANTA, Romania – Under the umbrella of the INTERPOL Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF), INTERPOL has assisted Frontex in an operation to check travel documents used by passengers travelling through the Romanian port of Constanta, a major port on the Black Sea.Frontex, the European Union agency for external border security, deployed intern...
30 July 2013

INTERPOL launches new technology to detect fraudulent travel documents

LYON, France – A new police tool has been launched by INTERPOL and the G8, enabling the INTERPOL community to exchange information on fraudulent identity and travel documents. Known as Dial-Doc (Digital INTERPOL Alert Library – Document), the technology makes it easy for officials in any of INTERPOL’s 190 member countries to check if a travel document is...
30 July 2013

Improvised Explosive Device components seized at Thai border during INTERPOL-led operation

LYON, France – More than 70 kg of sodium chlorate, a chemical precursor used in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), have been seized during INTERPOL-coordinated border security operations in Southeast Asia.Bags containing the chemicals were discovered in a van by Thai Customs officials in Songhkla Province, in southern Thailand as part of Operation Hawk...
10 July 2013

INTERPOL and Morpho sign strategic biometric partnership

LYON, France – A partnership agreement will see Morpho (Safran) provide INTERPOL with a range of innovative biometric solutions and other technical support to enhance global security. The partnership covers the supply of automated biometric identification systems to INTERPOL, provision of state-of-the-art security solutions for the future INTERPOL Global...
02 July 2013

Drugs worth nearly one billion dollars seized in INTERPOL-led operation across Central America and the Caribbean

LYON, France – Nearly 30 tonnes of cocaine, heroin and marijuana with an estimated value of USD 822 million have been seized in an INTERPOL-led operation targeting the maritime trafficking of drugs and illicit firearms by organized crime groups across Central America and the Caribbean.Operation Lionfish, coordinated by INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau for Centr...
10 June 2013

INTERPOL STOP operation targets people smuggling networks in Rwanda

KIGALI, Rwanda – An international police operation carried out at Kigali International Airport by Rwanda national police in co-ordination with INTERPOL has seen the verification of thousands of passports in an effort to target criminal networks and illegal immigrants attempting to use fraudulent documents to enter the country.Co-ordinated by INTERPOL’s Tr...

Operation STOP - Mick O’Connell, INTERPOL Director of Operational Support

Operation Lionfish video report

Operation Lionfish photo report