International partners

Transnational crime cannot be tackled in isolation; its reach is wider than traditional law enforcement. Partnerships with other organizations and the private and public sectors are essential to tackle challenges in common areas.

A stronger voice on the international stage

At INTERPOL, we work with partners across the globe to share skills and knowledge and to establish a clear basis for joint activities and operations.

We have solidly strengthened our presence on the international stage to support our aims. We have built more partnerships and developed joint initiatives. From customs to copyright, more than 60 cooperation agreements with other international organizations are in force today.

United Nations

Our collaboration with the  United Nations, already formalized in 1996 by a cooperation agreement that includes observer status at respective general assemblies, was further boosted by the opening of an INTERPOL special liaison office at the UN in New York in 2004.

This facilitated the creation of the  INTERPOL-United Nations Security Council Special Notice for individuals and entities subject to UN counter-terrorism sanctions, and led to a landmark ministerial meeting in 2009 on the role of police in UN peacekeeping missions.

European Union

To strengthen our relationship with the  European Union, a special liaison office in Brussels was opened in 2009, and our collaboration with Europol is strengthened continually through an exchange of officers.

Generous funding from the EU has enabled us to implement many projects, such as the expansion of access to our  secure global police communications system (I-24/7) at remote sites throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States.

G8 and WHO

The Group of Eight has provided important backing for our initiatives, including the development of the  International Child Sexual Exploitation image database, while we have collaborated successfully with the World Health Organization, in particular in leading the enforcement arm of their International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT).

Private sector

Additionally, we have forged partnerships with the private sector in areas such as currency and document security. We are working with private companies on the  INTERPOL Travel Document initiative which aims to facilitate the international travel of officials on INTERPOL business by waiving visa requirements.